AR SDK comparison Kudan VS MaxST

2017-03-06 13:55:52
Augmented Reality: Compare Kudan SDK vs Max ST SDK
CompanyKudan CV. : https://www.kudan.euMax ST Co Ltd. :
LicenseFree trial 2D and paid 3D and commercialFree trial 2D and 3D and paid commercial
Commercial SDK Pricing£1,000/year/app (+VAT) OR Volume License (price not disclosed)$3360/year OR $6500 for lifetime Unlimited apps in both case
Supported Platforms (Deployment)Android and IOSSupport iOS / Android / Windows OS (Not sure abut ARM architecture)
Unity 3D Plugin SupportUnity3d 5.0 and aboveUnity3d 5.4.0 or above version is supported
2D Image detectionboth marker and markerless tracking.MAXST AR SDK 2D enables diverse options for your project though 2D image recognition and tracking
3D Object DetectionVisual SLAM mapping and tracking (but Its under BlackBox)MAXST AR SDK 3D enables diverse options for your project though 3D object recognition and tracking
ImageTarget (Marker) creation processNo need Server support (Offline Marker creation support)Need Server support (dependency on MAX server)
Detection RateVery good for 2D and 3D(Simulate 3D marker using 2D images) But tability is comparetively lowVery good in 3D , 2D detection and stability also
Tracking and 3D Rendering QualityHD display and supports high-quality 3D graphics with map/shader and real-time texture morphing.
Noticeable FeaturesMAXST AR SDK 3D provides the best mapping and authoring tools for developing augmented reality apps. Our specially designed mobile app (iOS, android) is the development tool allowing users have easier design making for mapping space.
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  • Augmented Reality: Compare Kudan SDK vs Max ST SDK
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