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2018-04-02 13:47:51
Compare HP Reveal vs ThingWorx vs AR-360 Blippar vs vs SkyLight
HP RevealThingWorxAR-360BlipparSkyLight
LicenseCommercial + EducationCommercial-Industry FocusedCommercial + Training and MaintenanceCommercialCommercialCommercial
Free Trial?Yes Open RegistrationYes Open RegistrationYes On Demand
Deployment Platform SupportAndroid + iOSAndroid + iOS + UWPAndroid + iOS
Real 3D/CAD based detectionNo Only Images basedYes Vuforia CAD + CreoNo Only Images based
IoT SupportYesYesNo
Trigger Images Training ProcessOwn Portal To train MarkersVuforia Online PortalVuforia Online Portal
3D Augmentation SupportYes Support 3d in 'DAE' formatYes Creo supportedYes Support 3D in GLTF format
Provision of Development APINoYesNo
SLAM supportNoNoNo
Digital Content creationCall Auras and user can create it on either server side Online in our content creation tool (called Studio) or on device itselfSpecial console provided to create ProjectCall Campaign and user can create it on either server side Online in our content creation tool (called Portal)
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    2018-04-02 13:47:51
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  • Compare HP Reveal vs ThingWorx vs Blippar vs AR-360 vs SkyLight vs Layar SDK vs ViewAR
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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