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Slogan / MottoAutomated Testing Tools for Everything from Mobile to MainframeAutomated Testing Made EasyHigh Performance Software. Delivered.Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Test ManagementFunctional Test Automation for Web Applications"Browser Automation"Code Less, Test More
Core TechnologyImage-Based Testing Solution (Vs. Object Based) (Core Image Recognition Technology)Idk but it's smart. Also uses imaged-based comparisons.Code/Script based.Specified Image-Based Comparison Technology"Imaged-Based" TechnologyScript-Based Tech (A Javascript framework that runs in a web-browser)
Run On Local HostYesYesNoYesNo But the Screen-Recorder runs locally...No Web-based. Apparently has browser versions that will run from a Firefox plug-in.Yes
Notes on CompanyRed Herring Global Top 100 Company. Software tools are patnented. Over 300 Enterprise Customers in 30 different countries.
Scheduled Demo AvailableYesYesNoYesNo- Not needed. Open Source.Yes
Scripting LanuageUses a script to run and execute commands. SENSETALK. (Natual-language scripting language) But it does not have to, screen recorded tests can be created
Intuitive Design / Ease of UseMight be somewhat complicated to for QA Testers to start out creating tests by typing certain keywords involved with writing sripts. Bottom line is, the technology here is cool and the way that eggPlant Functional works is ingenius... but overall, it's quite overwhelming.
Notes on SupportBased out of London but has development centers in the USA. Demos eggPlant Tools Testing Use-Cases Case-Studies
Non-IntrusiveCompletely non-invasive
Notes on Integration / Command Line / API / UIHas a GUI. Uses Scipting.
Brand ReliabilityRecognized as a Visionary by Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Software Automation
Cross Platform Web TestingYes. • Mac OS • Windows OS • Linux • iOS • Android • Blackberry (lol) • Proprietary Systems
Browsers Supported• Google Chrome • Mozilla Firefox • Internet Explorer • Safari • Opera
Test ManagementNo indication of any test management.
Software UpdatesYes Multiple versions available. Has gone though updates.
Other Costs
Free Trial OfferYes More than 5 days...Yes 30-Day Free Trial OfferYes 14-Day Free Trial.Yes 30-Day Free Trial- Unknown. Possibly.- no need for free-trial. software is free.
Integration with Existing ToolsWill work with other tools FROM the TestPlant software suite. 3rd Party - Jenkins ALM Tool, IBM Rational Quality Manager, and HP Quality Center.
Support for Multiple OS'sYes eggPlant Controller can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.No Windows OS only... No plans for future Mac support are on the roadmap. #sadfaceNoNo Just Windows.No Screenster runs the recorder on Windows OS...Yes Can run in browsers on Linux, Mac, and Windows. (Firefox)
Support for Mobile DevicesNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Support for Various Software Testing TypesYes. Supported Technologies: • HTML5 •JAVASCRIPT •Flash •Microsoft's .NET • C++ • Python • RubyYes. • HTML5 • AJAX • JAVASCRIPT • WPF • MVC • RUBY • PHP (yay) • iOS • Android
Software Test Recording CapabilityYes Recorded steps are listed in a native "script-like" language.
Automated Logging and Record KeepingYes. Logs tests and logs steps within tests down to the second. It appears as though some of the log rules need to be "created" manually using a scripting language though.
Report ExportingSame deal as creating the logs.
Support for TeamworkClaims to be a tool that anyone can LEARN to use. Developers or anyone else. However, it does not indicate any handoff feature for QA to Devs.
General Tech Support NotesCan be set up in hours. And claims ANYONE can be productive with eggPlant within just a couple of hours. Offers online tutorial videos.
Multi-Language SupportYesYesYesYes Languages can be easily switched over.-Yes
Generic NotesHas various scripts with a collection of resources for simple cross-platform testing. Works in such a way that it will it open and run a script on one browswer at a time. The good thing about this is that one script can test various browswers. Even though each browser is different, resource collections will reduce errors and make one script apply universally. However, the downside of this is that only one type of browser can be tested at a time.Basic process of creating test... • Offers technology that records the Testers actions into a list while the tester “creates” a test that will run autonomously later on… • Ability to easily craft verifications against specific objects. • Offers a list of “quick-step” options for verifications against commonly used tasks. • Verifications are very smart and can be crafted against MANY different objects with very specific types criteria to check against. • Once tests have been “recorded” in Test Studio… just press start to watch the test execute again in the browser... quickly repeating all the steps the tester previously assigned. • Can reorder steps easily. • Switching browsers to test is very easy. Just select from a drop-down list. • SPECIAL FEATURE – Storyboard View – captures screenshots of every step automatically (can export these reports to pdf) • Ability to create multiple projects • Ability to create multiple tests per project • Test Maintenance is easy: Shared Element Repository • Easy to update elements, ID’s, and element logic • Offers Breakpoint feature for debugging test creation (Similar to Visual Studio) • Errors in testing are recorded within the screenshots… visual representation of these errors will allow testers to understand problems much easier than just reading error reports from a list. • Viewing failures is easy. Test Studio provides lots of metadata about each failure. Suggestions are also provided (based on error reports) to resolve failure issues. This feature is important because it is nice to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate bug and a tester crafted automation hiccup. • From this point- the click of a button should allow a QA tester to send the report straight to the development team.
More Generic NotesSeems to place large emphasis on website response time (not only performance)
Summary Description"eggPlant" itself is essential a scripting language in an of itself. All of their products (everything in the eggPlant Range) are built around this scripting language for the purpose of creating testing tools. eggPlant Functional uses advanced image analysis technology to drive and validate the system under test (SUT). For example, if you want to click on the “OK” button, eggPlant Functional will analyze the screen using image recognition algorithms, locate the “OK” button, and then raise a system-level event to click on that button. This is very different to traditional test automation tools which rely on hooks into the UI framework implementation.
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