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TurningPointTop HatSocrativeQwizdomReef Polling by I>ClickerPoll EverywhereOMBEAi>ClickerEcho360 Lecture ToolsViaResponseInfuse Learning
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Corporate Websitehttp://www.turningtechnologies.comhttps://tophat.comhttp://Socrative.comhttp://www.qwizdom.comhttp://support.reef-education.comhttp://www.polleverywhere.comhttp://www.ombea.comhttps://www1.iclicker.comhttp://echo360.comhttp://viaresponse.com
Voting technologyClickers/Web/AppWeb Based/AppWeb basedClickers/Web/AppWeb Based/AppWeb Based/AppClickers/WebClickers/Web/AppWeb Based/AppWeb Based/AppWeb Based
Student License CostLicenses available at $20.99/1yr or $37.00/4yr.$24 for 4 months, $36 for 12 months, or $72 for 5 yrs.Free version (50 cap.); Pro version $59 per instructor (150 cap. per activity)QVR Student App purchase: $9.95/yr or $24.95/5yr Q6 Clicker: Student purchase $49, no ongoing costsFirst 14 days are free. $9.99/Term $15.99/1yr $21.99/ 2yr $31.99/4yr$14yr. $9 Term$18-yr for web, $40 per clickerLifetime clickers are $30.99/$41.99 (free 6-month access to the mobile solution included)$25yr/ $15 Term$20 6 monthsFree
PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES RATING2.7 3 ratings4.7 7 ratings3.0 2 ratings0 no rating2.3 4 ratings3.3 3 ratings4.3 6 ratings4.0 4 ratings3.5 2 ratings3.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating
-- Presentation ToolYes Hardware and software options available to control presentations and polling.Yes Can present through PowerPoint using the Top Hat widgetNoYes PowerPoint Integration and Survey Bar works over web or most software applicationsYes Present with anything (slides, video, website, etc.). No import of content required.Yes Can Integrate Polls with PPTYes Easy to use PowerPoint integration and standalone software for KeyNote, Google Slides etc.Yes Present with anything (slides, video, website, etc.). No import of content required.YesNoNo
-- Asynchronous Content AccessYes Self-paced options for hardware and app. Create and deliver any type of assessment.Yes Files in Classroom ModuleNoYes Self-paced mode for both QVR (response app) and clickers.- Can send session history with questions, images, and answers to student to be used as a study guide outside of class.NoNoNoYesNoYes
-- Student Performance AnalyticsYes Various reports available to monitor student or class progress.Yes Gradebook with student performance - Students and professors have access to their own accountsYes LimitedYesYes REEF Analytics - Insight to usage across your campus, department, and classroomsYesYesYes LimitedYesYesYes Limited
-- Advanced Question TypesYes Many options available including WordCloud, competition polling options, comparative slides, and essay.Yes 6 question types: Multiple Choice, Word Answer + Word Cloud, Sorting, Numeric, Click on Target, MatchingNoYes Text Input, Numeric, Equations and Mixed Expressions- Most popular features used by instructors includedYesYes- Most popular features used by instructors includedYesYesYes
-- Student to Student InteractionNoYes Discussion Tool, Anonymous DiscussionsNoNo- REEF Quizzing (beta) - Incorporate group activities and collaborative learningNoNoNoYes Student Answered Q'sYes Discussion ToolNo
ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES RATING4.0 1 rating4.2 5 ratings2.0 1 rating0 no rating2.8 5 ratings4.0 1 rating4.8 5 ratings4.0 2 ratings4.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating
-- Integration with LMSYes Direct integrations available for leading LMS. Sync rosters and export grades instantly to LMS.Yes Direct integrations available for leading LMS. Sync rosters and export grades instantly to LMS.NoYes Blackboard, Moodle, Eduphoria Aware, Extramarks, Accuity, and PLATOYes Seamlessly integrate with all major LMS platforms, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. LTI available. generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data.YesYesYes Seamlessly integrate with all major LMS platforms, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. LTI available. generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data.YesYesNo
-- Campus Wide Funding-OptionNoYes $30K-50K for17000 FTEYes FreeYes Yes. Campus wide funding for QVR. Request a Quote.Yes Campus-wide licensing availableYes $3500-1000 StudentsYes $7000-$20000NoYes $10K-1000 StudentsYes 10K-1000 StudentsYes Free
-- Vendor Faculty SupportYes Dedicated training team for implemention and extensive online documents and information for all users. Online chat and phone support available.Yes Extensive Online Doc's, and Question FormYes Online User GuideYes Contact Tech Support via Phone or Online Ticket, Online Reference MaterialsYes Comprehensive online materials and dedicated supportYes Institution has Acct MangerYesYes Comprehensive online materials and dedicated supportYesYesNo
-- Accessibility FeaturesYes ResponseWare offers screen readers. Hardware option available for the visually impaired.Yes ADA readersNoYesYesNoYesYes Has Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)- Echo 360 yes LT under ReviewNoYes Multiple Languages
-- FERPA CompliantYes Enhanced security and encryption to ensure all student information is secure.YesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
STUDENT FEATURES RATING3.0 1 rating4.3 4 ratings2.0 1 rating0 no rating3.7 3 ratings3.0 1 rating4.3 6 ratings3.0 2 ratings4.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating1.0 1 rating
-- Vendor Student SupportYes Online step-by-step registration documents. Phone support and online chat available.Yes Extensive Online Doc's, and Question FormNoYes Online FAQs, support tickets and reference materialsYes Online support portal with FAQs, videos, user guides, etc.No Online DocsYes Comprehensive online guidebook.Yes Online support portal with FAQs, videos, user guides, etc.YesYesNo
-- Game InteractionYes Competition features available for teams or individuals.Yes Tournament with leaderboardYes One preset gameYes 4 game options, Fast Track, Baseball, Mission to Mars and Quandary (Jeopardy Style)NoYes Tournament ModeYes Competitions with leaderboardsNoNoNoNo
-- Multiple Device CompatibilityYes App available for Android and iOS devices. Web browser option available for browsers.Yes SMS option for basic cell phones, smart phones, tablets, computersYesYes Use clickers alongside QVR response app. App is available for any web-enabled device.Yes Any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a Web browser. iOS app, Android app, and works alongside i>clicker + and i>clicker 2YesYes Clickers + any web enabled deviceYes i>clicker +, i>clicker 2, REEF Polling (any smart device)Yes Web Based, iPad AppYesYes
-- Feedback to TeacherYes Devices and ResponseWare allow for communication to the teacher.Yes Instant Feedback to teacher, everything is saved in the Gradebook, can compare sessions or questionsNoYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo
-- Text/SMS ResponseNoYes Yes - offline mode and SMS optionNo- No SMS, but short text answer option is available.- No SMS, but does have short answer up to 140 charactersYesYes- No SMS, but does have short answer up to 16 charactersYesNoNo
COMMENTSDirect PowerPoint integration or poll over top of any application. Clickers and ResponseWare work in the same environment to meet the needs of all learners and environments.Integration of PowerPoint, questions, pages, discussions, and quizzes. Really easy to use. Provides one-on-one training for professors.50 Students Max per room; Pro version = 150 Max per roomWith over 30 years of industry experience, Qwizdom audience response solutions offer the highest performance and reliability.The mobile-optimized engagement solution that works alongside traditional i>clicker remotes if neededMultiple Language SupportOMBEA displays live feedback on people’s opinions and knowledge. It’s super-easy to use with your Microsoft PowerPoint slides for voting, engagement and assessment.Market leading hardware known for it's simplicity and reliability. All remotes work alongside the mobile solution, REEF polling, to create a blended classroom if needed.Integrates with Echocenter for Echo360
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