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Last update2016-07-05 15:11:182016-07-05 15:08:20
Overall rating3.5 6 ratings3.6 15 ratings
Latest version8.14.5.3
Release date2015-10-112015-05-07
Operating SystemPHPPHP
LicenseOpen SourceOpen Source
Like 3 14
Supported databasesMySQL, PostgreSQLMySQL
StatisticsYes- Plugin
CaptchaNo PluginNo Plugin
Content ApprovalYesYes
Email VerificationYesYes
Granular PrivilegesYesYes
Authentication methodsLDAP (plugin), Kerberos (plugin), NIS (plugin), NTLM (plugin), SMB (plugin)LDAP (plugin), Custom
Session ManagementYesNo Plugin
SSL CompatibleYesYes
Login HistoryYesNo Plugin
Modifications HistoryYesNo Plugin
Commercial SupportYesYes
Developer CommunityYesYes
Public ForumYesYes
Plugin APIYesYes
Drag & Drop ContentNo PluginYes
Image ResizingYesYes
Multiple UploadYesYes
Style WizardYesNo
SubscriptionsNoNo Plugin
Template LanguageYesNo
UndoYesYes Limited
WYSIWYG EditorYesYes
Extensible User ProfilesNo PluginNo Plugin
Interface LocalizationYesYes
CachingYesNo Plugin
Load BalancingYesYes Limited
Database ReplicationNo PluginNo Plugin
Static Content ExportNo PluginNo Plugin
Multilingual ContentYesNo Plugin
Multi-Site DeploymentYesYes
RSS (Content Syndication)YesYes
Advertising ManagementNo PluginNo
Content SchedulingYesYes Limited
Inline AdministrationYesNo Plugin
Package DeploymentYesNo
Sub-sites / RootsYesYes
Themes / TemplatesYesYes
Web StatisticsYes PluginNo Plugin
Web-based Translation ManagementYesYes Limited
Workflow EngineYes LimitedNo
FTP SupportYesNo Plugin
UTF-8 SupportYesYes
WebDAV SupportNo PluginNo
XHTML CompliantYesYes
BlogNo PluginYes
ChatNo PluginNo Plugin
ClassifiedsNo PluginNo Plugin
Contact ManagementNo PluginNo Plugin
Forum (Discussion)No PluginNo Plugin
Document ManagementNo PluginNo
Events ManagementNo PluginNo Plugin
FAQ ManagementNo PluginNo Plugin
File DistributionNo PluginNo Plugin
Graphs and ChartsNo PluginNo
GuestbookNo PluginNo Plugin
Help Desk / Bug ReportingNo PluginNo
Job PostingsNo PluginNo Plugin
Link ManagementNo PluginYes
Mail FormYesNo Plugin
MatrixNo PluginNo
My Page / DashboardNo PluginYes
Newsletter managementYesNo Plugin
Photo GalleryNo PluginYes
Project TrackingNo PluginNo
Search EngineYesYes
PollsNo PluginNo Plugin
Tests / QuizzesNo PluginNo Plugin
SurveysNo PluginNo Plugin
Time TrackingNo PluginNo Plugin
User ContributionsYesYes
Web Services Front EndNo PluginNo Plugin
WikiNo PluginNo Plugin
Shopping CartNo PluginNo Plugin
SEO Friendly URLsYesYes
Site MapYesNo Plugin
Photos gallery
Facilité d'installation
Drag & Drop
Formulaire Mail
Gestion privilège
Installation3.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating
Utilisation3.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating
Facilité d'utilisation
Note globale
Who uses the site?Everybody
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