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2016-03-24 11:24:50
Contalog is an omni-channel digital commerce platform that offers plentiful options for B2B and B2C business management. Contalog’s inventory management software is geared up with a number of features that will enhance inventory turnover, reduce pilferage and result in better control over stocks. The inventory management software also has warehouse management features that gives complete control over warehouse stock transfers and inventory level management at multiple warehouses. The order management software of Contalog is optimized to help businesses achieve an edge over competition. The software promises 100% order fulfillment through intelligent order management. To achieve that Contalog provides business purpose-built features like partial order processing, order status notification, sales quote creation, event based order management, order editing features, etc. Being cloud connected, there is always an uninterrupted connectivity between field sales personnel who raises the order and the sales team which processes it. The goodness of Contalog doesn’t end there. The omnichannel digital commerce platform offers an endless list of other assisting features like mobile commerce, B2B ecommerce store, field sales app, Instore experience, product info management, digital catalog, etc.
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    2016-03-24 11:24:50
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