Virtualization Enterprise Hypervisors, hyperviseurs type 1 et type 2 pour entreprises, virtualisation

2019-09-12 12:02:39
competitive for hypervisors type 1 (Bare-metal virtualization) or type 2 (Hosted virtualization hypervisors)
ESXiHyperVKVML4OpenVZOracle VMParallels Desktop for MacParallels ServerProxmoxQEMUQNXRHEVVirtualBoxVMware ServerVMware workstationvSphereWindows Virtual PCXENXenServerXvisor
Last update2017-06-14 09:39:212016-12-07 00:47:202016-12-07 00:47:202016-12-07 08:44:112016-12-07 00:24:242016-12-07 02:00:372016-12-07 02:00:372016-12-07 01:01:332017-12-01 16:26:372016-12-07 20:24:282016-12-07 08:44:112017-06-14 09:39:212016-12-07 01:01:332016-12-07 01:01:332019-09-12 12:02:392016-12-07 00:24:352016-12-07 01:01:332017-06-14 09:39:212016-12-07 00:24:352016-12-07 08:44:11
NotesvSphere freemiumtype 1 controverseBased XENbased KVMESXi+features
notoriety4.5 2 ratings3.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating1.0 1 rating0 no rating4.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating4.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating
Cloud hosting
Live migrationYesYesYesYes storage also
Self Service PortalYes
Real-Time MonitorYesYes
Host support MAX cores320160
Host support MAX vCPU20482048
Host support MAX RAM32 GB4 TB2 TB
Host support MAX VMs512
MAX VMs per cluster8000
Guest support MAX vCPU646464
Guest support MAX RAM1 TB1 TB512 GB
Snapshot supportYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
VM format supported
Virtual switchingYesYesYes
Virtual RouterYes
Latest version042stab024.16.0.11990.6210144.05.0.1612.16.1.7600
Price0 USD0 USD0 USD
Open sourceYesYesYes-YesYesNoYes
Type hyperviseurType 1Type 1Type 1Type 2Type 1Type 2Type 2Type 1Type 1Type 2Type 2Type 2Type 1Type 2Type 1Type 1Type 1
OS support for type 2
Mac OSNoYesYesYesNo Vmware Fusion avalable for Mac OSNo
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    2019-09-12 12:02:39
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  • Compare KVM vs QEMU vs RHEV vs XEN vs HyperV vs ESXi vs XenServer vs vSphere vs OpenVZ
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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