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2015-07-22 05:01:32
The ability to play the games quest, follow the story line, travel freely, and learn how to jump.YESYESYESYES
In-game Cellphone FeaturesBasic Features. (Includes: Emergency Recovery + Snapshot Report Button + Options for sound, camera angle, and graphics.)Basic Features + Upgraded Camera feature so you can take in-game photos.Basic features + A "call for horse swap-out"
Ranch & StableNon-customizable ranch; A stable with 4 stalls, 2 cross ties, a hose, and a locker for storing ALL items., Kitchen, wash rack (to do all grooming at once)
Actions & PosesBasic poses and emotes. (Waving, sitting, and default leading.)
BreedingCan buy imported horses, but cannot breed or buy other members horses.Can buy imported horses and GOLD member horses, but cannot breed their own.Can buy imported horses, can buy PLATINUM members horses, and can breed regularly and put their horses up for sale and breeding.Can buy imported horses, can buy other members horses, and can CROSS breed AND put their horses up for sale. *Cannot breed out your already cross-bred horses.
The Dye System
GuildCannot create one, but can join one.Cannot create one, but can join one.Can create oneCan create one
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    2015-07-22 05:01:32
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