Generations in Education

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2015-09-13 21:42:52
Baby BoomerGen XMillennialGen Z
Bornmid 1940s to 1960early to mid 1960s to mid 1980searly 1980s to early 2000s1995 to 2012
Key Elementslargest population, many retiredworkforce majority, middle agevery tech savvy, "special group"soon entering the workforce
Position in Educationveteran teachers and school leadersexperienced teachers and leadersfinishing school, young teachersmainly students
Position in TechnologyDigital immigrantsComfortable with many digital devicesmost plugged-in and connecteddigitally over-connected
Additional FeaturesWill continue to lead, most experienced in life events and educational changesNot always prepared to embrace new technologieswill populate and lead education for many years to come, more racially diverse and affluenthighly sophisticated media and computer environments, highly networked for communication and entertainment, expect customized instruction
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    2015-09-13 21:42:52
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