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2018-02-18 16:21:16
GeForce 8800 ULTRAGeForce 9800 GTXGeForce GTX 285GeForce GTX 480GeForce GTX 580GeForce GTX 680GeForce GTX 780 TiGeForce GTX 980 TiGeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Product details
Nom de codeTesla G80Tesla G92Tesla GT200Fermi GF100Fermi GF110Kepler GK104Kepler GK110Maxwell GM200Pascal GP102
Nombre de transistors681 millions754 millions1.40 milliards3.00 milliards3.00 milliards3.54 milliards7.08 milliards8.00 milliards12.00 milliards
Die de la puce484 mm²324 mm²470 mm²529 mm²520 mm²294 mm²561 mm²601 mm²471 mm²
Gravure90 nm65 nm55 nm40 nm40 nm28 nm28 nm28 nm16 nm
Consommation170 Watts140 Watts204 Watts250 Watts244 Watts196 Watts250 Watts250 Watts230 Watts
Processeurs de flux1281282404805121536288028163584
Fréquence1512 Mhz1688 Mhz1476 Mhz1400 Mhz1544 Mhz1058 Mhz928 Mhz1076 Mhz1582 Mhz
GPGPU 16 bitsNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes 177 GFLOP/s
GPGPU 32 bits387 GFLOP/s432 GFLOP/s708 GFLOP/s1345 GFLOP/s1580 GFLOP/s3090 GFLOP/s5345 GFLOP/s6060 GFLOP/s11339 GFLOP/s
GPGPU 64 bitsNoNoYes 89 GFLOP/sYes 168 GFLOP/sYes 190 GFLOP/sYes 354 GFLOP/s
INT 8 bits (Inférence)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes 45359 GIOP/s
INT 24 bits380 GIOP/s430 GIOP/s710 GIOP/s448 GIOP/s527 GIOP/s515 GIOP/s1010 GIOP/s
INT 32 bits76 GIOP/s86 GIOP/s142 GIOP/s448 GIOP/s527 GIOP/s515 GIOP/s1010 GIOP/s
INT 64 bits19 GIOP/s21 GIOP/s35 GIOP/s112 GIOP/s131 GIOP/s130 GIOP/s202 GIOP/s
DirectComputeYes (4.0)Yes (4.0)Yes (4.0)Yes (5.0)Yes (5.0)Yes (5.0)Yes (5.0)
CUDAYes (1.0)Yes (1.1)Yes (1.3)Yes (2.0)Yes (2.0)Yes (3.0)Yes (3.5)Yes 5.2Yes 6.1
OpenCLYes (1.0)Yes (1.0)Yes (1.0)Yes (1.1)Yes (1.1)Yes (1.2)Yes (1.2)Yes 1.2Yes 1.2
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