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2017-06-06 05:40:46
American ExpressAppleBSG VoiceLogCenturyLinkExpert Global SolutionsHiltonHSNKelly ConnectLive OpsNew CorpteleNetworkVer-A-FastVIPDesk ConnectWorking Solutions
Employee or ContractorEmployeeEmployeeContractorEmployeeEmployeeEmployeeEmployeeContractorEmployeeEmployeeContractorEmployeeContractor
Pay per minute or hourHourHourHourHourHourHourHourHourProject DependentHourHourHourHourMinute
Number of hoursFull-Time (limited PT slots)Full-Time, Part-TimePart-TimeFull-TimeFull-Time and Part-TimeFull-Time and Part-TimeFull-Time and Part-TimeNo minimumFull-Time and Part-TimeFull-Time and Part-Time16 hour minimumFull-Time and Part-TimeMinimum number of hours specified in contract
Type of servicesCustomer Service; Sales; TravelTechnical Support; Sales; BillingThird Party VerificationTechnical Support; Customer Service; SalesCustomer ServiceCustomer Service; SalesSalesTechnical SupportCustomer Service; Sales; Insurance; Roadside AssistanceCustomer ServiceCustomer Service; Technical SupportThird Party VerificationCustomer Service; Technical SupportCustomer Service; Technical Support; Sales
Type of interactionInbound callsInbound calls, chats, and emailsInbound callsInbound and outbound callsInbound calls, chats, and emailsInbound callsInbound callsInbound calls and chatsInbound callsInbound callsInbound CallsInbound callsInbound calls, chats, and emailsInbound calls and chats
Base Pay$15.63+ Hourly$15+ hourly$8-$9 Hourly$12+ Hourly$9.50-$11 Hourly$9-$11 Hourly$10-$12 Hourly$10-$14$12-$14 Hourly$10 Hourly$9-$11 Hourly$7-$8 Hourly$9.75-$11 Hourly$9-$15 Hourly
Pay ScheduleBi-weeklyBi-weeklyBiweeklyBi-weeklyWeeklyBi-monthlyBi-weeklyBi-weeklyBi-monthly
Landline RequiredYesNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo-
Provides Equipment?YesYesNoNoNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
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    2017-06-06 05:40:46
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