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Websitehttp://insightly.com appears to be app only
Free planYes Indefinite free usage for up to 3 usersYes But just contact management rather than CRMYes 3 user,25MoYes 2 users FREEYes 2 users 500 contactsYes 2 users 150 accountsYes 2 users 100 accounts, no mail connect, 100MbYes 1GB 1user 1000mail/mYes 10MB 2users 250contactsYes 10 users (no connect) 250Mb tot,Yes 1 user, 10 deals, 50 contactsYes Logiciel FacturationNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo- Trial 7d- Trial 30d- trial 30d- Trial 15d- Trial 15 days- Trial 14d- Trial 14d- trial- Free trial 30d (7d for contacts)- Free trial 30d- Free trial- Free 14d- 14 days- 15 free trial days- 15 days- 'registration' is free---
Non-profit organization discount- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website- Not mentioned on website
Starting price84 USD / user160 USD yr/user180 EUR /y 3usr,1GB99 EUR / user/ y144 EUR /y 3users (+1user, max 5) 200 acc. no connect.144 USD / user144 USD /y /user (single currency) 250Mb/user39 EUR /user228 EUR 1 poste25 USD /user/month max 5 users180 USD yr/user108 EUR /yr/user (over 50 users different)228 USD yr/user max 5 users108 USD /yr/user350 CHF /user capex, 85F opex420 USD /y /user240 USD /y no user limit, 2000cont. 5GB432 GBP /y 2users no connect.79 EUR 1 pc48 EUR /y /user contact only780 USD /y 2users19 EUR / mois/ user ou 39€ / mois/ user90 EUR excl. VAT per year per user192 EUR /y 1usr/2000cont/1Go0 USD but there are in app purchases...
Price84 USD / year360 EUR /y 6usr,5GB600 EUR / user / y1368 EUR /y 7users +connect.239 EUR /y no limit96 GBP /y /user 2GB 50Kcont252 USD /y /user (w mobile+connect.)39 EUR /user449 EUR 2 postes228 USD /yr/user540 USD /y /user600 USD /y no limit, 10Kcont. 15GB468 USD /y /user180 USD /y/user648 GBP /y 2users199 EUR 1 pc (max 3) or 17€/m?324 EUR /y /user Group528 USD /user/y390 USD /y/user (10users)600 EUR excl. VAT per year (5 users)468 EUR /y 15usr/10000cont/10Go
Price Advanced600 EUR /y ill.,50GB1200 EUR / user/ y540 EUR /y /user408 USD /y /user (with Files)59 EUR / user720 USD /y /user1200 USD /y no limit, 30000cont. 30GB340 EUR 1 pc (max 10) or 27€/m?1620 EUR /y /user Enterprise340 USD /y /user (20users)1000 EUR excl. VAT per month (5 users)948 EUR /y 40usr
CRM integrationYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Built inYesYesYesYesYesYes
CRM Integration
Google Play rating, Android phone app3.83.8 but mobile only44.
App Store rating, iPhone/iPad app3.550 ipad only0 Android only
Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRMYes
Emailing option (mass, max)YesYes- ?need MailChimp?- option 36$/y/userYes up to 100'000 contacts / emailsYesYesYesYes Built inYesYesYes Routing from 8€ excl. VAT
Project TrackingYes- option Marketing 45€/m- extend procision+YesYes FullYesYes Built in - kanban viewYesYesYes
Quote trackingYesYes- Paid versionsYes FullYesYes Built inYesYesYesYes
Ticket BillingYesYes- extend FreshBooks- paid versionsYes Via ForumYesYes Built inYes
Case ManagementYes- option 45€/mYesYesYesYesYes Built in-- optionYes
accountingYes Quickbooks extend KashFlow, Xero, FreeAgent, FreshbookYes Quickbooks XeroYes Accounting exports to accounting softwareYes Only monitoring the states of incoming and outgoing invoices
Multi-languageYesNoNoYes French, English, Spanish, Italian, GermanNoNoYesYes English/FrenchYesYesYesYesYes French, English and Romanian
GermanYesNoYesYes- Documents templates, systems e-mailsYesYesYesYesNo
SpanishYesNoYesYes- Documents templates, systems e-mailsYesYesYes- à venir- for 2015
Integration with third parties services
Social networkYesYes Linkedin,Facebook,TwitterNo- Twitter, FacebookNoYes Linkedin,Google+,twitter,facebookYes
Other integrationYes many many Zapier, OneSaas RightSignatureYes Mailchimp, Mailjet, simple Mail, Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, Dropbox, Google DriveYes SkypeYes SMS mailing, web trends search engine, scanner network integration, webmail and mobile email integration.
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