Project Management Softwares

2018-09-06 05:26:27
WrikeJiraMicrosoft ProjectTrelloAsanaSmartsheet
Cost (user/month) ($)24.80742.029.999.9925
• Ease of Use4.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating
Third party pluginsSalesforce Adobe CC Hangouts Google Drive One Drive Jira Gmail GitHub Outlook MS Project MS Excel Google sheets Dropbox EvernoteMicrosoft Teams Outlook Git BigGantt TestRail Timesheet Excel Hangouts Zoho Desk AWS DockerSkype for business Powerpoint Microsoft word OnedriveConfluence Jira Bitbucket Evernote Google Hangouts Salesforce Google Drive DropboxGoogle drive Dropbox Evernote Github WordPress Jira Xendo Microsoft OfficeG Suite Microsoft Office 365 Dropbox Evernote Salesforce Jira Tableau
AccessibilityAndroid, iOS, macOS, WindowsAndroid, iOS, macOS, WindowsWindowsAndroid, iOS, macOS, WindowsMobile devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones (Android/iOS)Android, iOS, macOS, Windows
  • 2018-09-06 05:12:33
    2018-09-06 05:26:27
  • English
  • Unlisted
  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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