S8 & Batteries

2017-11-15 17:35:49
Galaxy S8Anker PC Slim 5000Jackery 5000Aukey PB-Y16 USB-CAukey 10000Aibocn 10000EA 10000Getihu 10000Poweradd 8200Poweradd 5000PA 8200PA 5000EasyAcc 6000EasyAcc 10000
Height148.9 mm4.9 in126 mm147 mm147 mm137 mm144 mm150 mm127 mm117 mm127 mm117 mm134 mm144 mm
Width68.1 mm2.5 in64 mm75 mm75 mm51 mm75 mm75 mm64 mm62 mm64 mm62 mm66 mm75 mm
Depth8 mm0.4 in9 mm14 mm14 mm20 mm15 mm9 mm13 mm10 mm13 mm10 mm13 mm14.8 mm
Weight5.5 oz126 g5.1 oz8.64 oz7 oz8 oz8 oz7.4 oz8.8 oz5.6 oz8.8 oz5.6 oz5.2 oz7.97 oz
Battery capacity3000 mah5000 mah5000 mah10000 mah10000 mah10000 mah10000 mah10000 mah8200 mah5000 mah820 mah5000 mah6000 mah10000 mah
  • 2017-11-15 16:24:40
    2017-11-15 17:35:49
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