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2016-09-09 16:59:35
Comparison of scientific calculators
HeightWidthDepthWeightBattery typeSolar powerBase-nDisplay typeKeytop
Canon F-715SG168 mm86.3 mm17.8 mm124 gLR44 x 1YesNoLCD (2 line)Plastic
Canon F-718SGA168 mm80 mm14.5 mm140 gCR2032 x 1YesNoDot matrix (96x31)
HP 300s+5.79 in3.04 in0.59 in3.95 ozLR44 x 1YesNoDot matrix (96x31)
TI 34 MultiViewCR2032 x 1YesNoLCD (4 line)
Canon F-789SGA171 mm86 mm17.3 mm120 gCR2032 x 1YesYesDot matrix (96x31)Rubber
Casio FX-991EX165.5 mm77 mm11.1 mm90 gLR44 x 1YesYesDot matrix (192 x 63)
TI 36X ProCR2032 x 1YesYesLCD (4 line)
Casio FX-85EX165.5 mm77 mm11.1 mm90 gLR44 x 1YesNoDot matrix (192 x 63)
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    2016-09-09 16:59:35
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