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2017-01-25 01:58:48
Video tourPriceRelease dateScreen sizeFeaturesScreen resolutionBuilt-in memoryRAMProcessorCompatibilityOperating SystemDimensionsFront cameraBuilt-in speakerWaterproofMemory cardImageSensorsHeart rate sensorPedometerSkin TemperatureUVSleep monitoringOther featuresConnectivityBluetooth®Wi-Fi3G4G LTENFCInfrared portPhone capabilityBatteryBatteryBattery capacityBattery lifeCharging TypeDesignInterchangeable strapsStrap MaterialMaterialDiameterThicknesssizeOtherReview Link
v36540 USD128 mb64 mbMTK 2502candroidNoNoNoYes 4NoNo
No.1 G440 USD1.2 inmtk6261aYes 16gb tfYesYesYesYesYesYes 3YesLithium-ion350 mahMagneticLeather, metal
Lemfo DM36050 USD1.2 in ips capacitive240x204128 mb32 mbNoYesYesNoNoYesYes 4 + 3Nosteel, fake leatherStainless steel
KW1865 USD1.3 in240x240128 mb64 mbMTK2502CYes 16gbYesYesNoNoYesYes 4YesLithium-polymeer350 mAhNotpu
s36545 USDNoYesNoNoYesYes 4
T1122 USDYes 32 GBNoYesNoNo- ?Yes
TimeOwner KW0848 USD1.22 in ips240x24064 mb64 mbmtk6260YesYes 32gb sdYesYesYesYes 3YesLithium-polymeer320 mAhMagneticTPSiV
GW0152 USD1.3 in ips240x240128 mb64 mbmtk2502Yes ecgYes- ?- ?YesYes 4Lithium-polymeer300 mahMagnetic
WLNGWEAR LW01 / A8S46 USD1.3 in240x240128 mb32 mbmtk2502NoYesYesYescompassYes 4370 mahMagneticleatherstainless steel46 mm15 mm46 mm
u677 USDYesYesYescompasssteel or leathersteel
k89 Zeallion43 USD240x204128 mb64 mbmtk2502c- ip54YesYesYes300 mahYesmetal or leather44.5 mm12.2 mm46.3 mm x 43.5mm
q258 USD240x240128 mb64 mbmtk2502YesYesYesYes 4280 mahYesleather
WLNGWEAR sma0955 USD128 mb64 mbMTK2502- ip54YesNoNo
NO.1 T3s50 USD1.22 in240x240128 mb64 mbmtk2502Yes 16gb sdYesYesYesYesYesYes 4Yes350 mahMagneticleatherstainless steel13 mm54 mm 42.5 mm
no.1 s529 USD1.2 in240x240mtk2502YesYesNoNoYesLithium-polymeer380 mahsiliconestainless steel
k8 loco43 USD1.3 in240x240128 mb32 mbmtk2502Yes 2mpYesNoNoYes 4- 2g280 mb
dm15 / s3?62 USD20151.22 in tft lcd240x240128 mb64 mbmtk2502YesYesYesYes350 mahMagnetic
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