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2017-10-14 09:55:29
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Pro'sSeems to do just what I need right out of the box and it's free. Seems logical and easy to use. Easy decision in favourFairly easy to use and does most things one needs. I already own itSeems clear and simple, if perhaps lacking in sophistication as a result. Nice clear layout of the diagram. Simplest version is FREE (but SAVE is disabled - which meant than when my sql query went into some kind of loop and I had to abort, all my work was lost). Easy view of the child/parent table relationships. Easy to select tables using search box if you know the table name. Select Fields are selected using drag-n-drop which has the advantage that it's then easy to create the order in which you wish to see the data but the disadvantage that it the process can be slightly hit and miss especially on a small screen on remote desktop. There are several extra data analysis tools built in which makes it nice but probably these are not necessary for my purposes.One-click diagram organiser. Easy to create aliases Seems to sometimes allow building of diagram from SQL. All layout changes are saved when you close the application and restored when you open it again. You can use the Query Profiler tool to debug, troubleshoot, monitor, and measure your application's SQL statements and stored procedures. If your application has a performance problem that you think might be caused by a particularly long-running query, you can analyze query durations.Easy saving of favourite tables, saves wading through long lists. Easy to use and read table joins.
Con'sOnly negative I came across so far is that it's not easy to manually link tables that are not visible on the diagram but that might be my ignoranceseems to leave the 'dbo.' in at the start of the table nameDifficult to figure out how to trial and no free trial of pro version. Cannot save query in free version.Does not seem to have a Visual Query BuilderDoes not automatically link tables
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