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2018-06-02 14:18:01
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Rating4.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating1.0 1 rating0 no rating
General CommentsIn terms of features and interface, I believe this product is the best option. However, the cost is significantly higher than the next highest-rated option.I like that several features and settings can be set on a per-project basis (e.g. notification settings, integrations with Box/etc (which can set a root folder for the project), and more. Nice interface and mobile app. Has all of the critical features, I think, that we're looking for.Missing task delegation to multiple individuals, lack of project hierarchy, and lack of task dependency/Gantt charts are, to me, deal breakers.Meant to make it 2 stars, not 3, but can't edit. Same basic review as Brightpod, but missing any kind of task assignment or capability to be used for non-Agile projects.Lack of several important features do too much to restrict usability of this tool.Too many features missing, good for small-scale teams or fully Agile use probably, but not flexible enough for different types of projects/tasks that aren't using Agile methodology.Overall, many features missing, and many others that need various plugins to enable, some of which have their own costs.Having anyone with an email address showing up in contacts and in the activity stream is a bit weird. Automatically part of the "UIC Postdoctoral Association", and in a 'sponsored' Podio. Very confusing application to work with, only did cursory overview but it's pretty limited in capabilities. Could be interesting for some uses, but not good for intentional use by a significant sized group with diverse projects/etc.Expensive and would have to request a trial through a salesperson. Watched some demo videos and nothing sets this product apart for our use.
Tasks delegationYesYesYesNo Can add members to cards/tasks but no clear 'assignment'YesYesYesYes
Tasks delegation to multiple individualsYesYesNo- Can add multiple members to a task or card, again no actual 'assignment'NoYes 'Assist' roleNoYes
Task hierarchyYesYesYesYes Can make 'checklists' within tasks- Subtasks, but very limited capability with them (assignee, title, and complete/not complete) Task lists also, but function more like statuses.NoNoNo
Task commentsYesYesYesYesYes Only on main tasks, not subtasksYesYesYes
Task RecurrenceYesYesYesNoNoNoNoYes
Tasks in multiple folders/projectsYes- Can copy tasks to other projects, but doesn't keep in sync, just a one-time copy, without time logs, comments, etcYes Tasks co-exist in multiple projects.NoNo Can make a copy of tasks into other projects. Brings subtasks with. Does not stay in sync.NoNoYes
Move Tasks after creationYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
View team members' tasksYesYesYesNo Can view their activity but not tasks assigned (since there are no task assignments)YesYesYes- Can't really tell.
Calendar View- Via Gantt chart, can see. Not direct calendar view. Can filter in several ways.YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Private projectYes Granular control per-projectYes Granular control per-projectYes Granular control per-projectYesYesYesYes Granular control per-projectYes
Project Hierarchy/Organizational StructureYes Unlimited levels of hierarchyYes 3 levels of CategoriesNo- Can be different Boards, and within boards a Card could technically encompass a full project.Yes Categories can be created.NoNoNo
Project status overview5.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating1.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating
Project Status NotesSnapshot view showing overall activity and task status, color coded. Can customize Dashboards to keep track of different projects in different ways.Risks can be manually created by project participants. Can view any overdue tasks quickly, along with several other aspects of the project. No 'Green/Yellow/Red' overall status, though.Project owner assigned, can update Status of the project, assigning green/yellow/red. Graphical view of number of tasks outstanding/etc. Can also export to a Sprintboard (external plugin).Only insofar as Agile is used heavily and each Card is a status.Can see project activity, and there's Project Status settings, but no quick and easy way to see how a project is doing that I can find.Not a great overview page. Some info but not logical to move around and find a "how is this project doing".Lot of information, but nothing graphical or at-a-glance.
Staff groupingNo Only with Enterprise level.NoNoNoYesNoNoNo
Time TrackingYesYes- With external pluginsNo Manual entry via specific syntax onlyYes Interesting implementation, can define 'hourly rates' for different roles, and can keep track of costs this way. Could be interesting for setting rate for students, staff, managers, etc, to get a good idea of how much a project is actually costing?- To the project only, not task- With external pluginsNo
Project Methodologies
Gantt chartYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task listYesNoNoNoNo- With external pluginsNo
Task dependenciesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Agile support3.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating2.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating1.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating
Agile Support NotesNot tons of support, there are no Lists of tasks. Enterprise level provides capability for custom workflows for tasks/etc, but we wouldn't be getting that level.Tasks can be moved between lists via drag and drop, lists can be used as statuses. Lists of small tasks can be created and assigned to individuals, and the 'Everything' tab with workload and other items can be used to view data. Export can be done to Excel and from there perhaps to a Burndown chart.Sections can be created within a project and tasks dragged and dropped between sections. Dashboards and status capabilities provide general support for Agile. Burndown charts possible to an extent via external plugin.Fully built around AgilePretty limited. Can use Task Lists as statuses and drag/drop tasks, but overall not a bunch of helpful views/etc.Fully built around AgileVery limited capabilities built-in, potential for support via external plugins.
Project/Task Templating5.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating3.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating
Templating NotesCan duplicate any task/project/folder with some options for filtering only some of the details through.Can copy an entire project, and any subset of items from it (e.g. can leave out files comments and only copy Tasks and other things, etc).Can use any project as a template, can make any task into a Project, copy tasks, etc. Can copy specific aspects of Projects if you don't want everything from it.Can copy cards/tasks/etc.Can create templates, but can't make an existing project into a template/copy them.Can create 'workflows' and copy Pods from it.Can create templates from scratch or from existing projects.
Mobile AppYes Nicely functional iOS app, Android app exists as well.Yes Very nice iOS app including time tracking. Android app exists as well.Yes Decent iOS app, Android app exists as well.Yes- There is one, but can't see how to sign in to it, may be part of it once product is purchased.NoYesYes
Box IntegrationYesNo Currently limited to only integrating with a single person's Box account, which makes it basically useless.YesYesNo Local files only.Yes- With paid external plugin.Yes Actually end up with a link to the file itself in Box, not a local version. Could be good or asks to update permissions to allow anyone with the link to access the respective file.
Task creation via EmailYesYesYesYesNo Nothing that I could find.No- With external plugin.Yes
Email client integrationYes- Minimal with plugin.YesNoNoNo- With external plugin.No
Burndown Chart- Integrated only with Enterprise level (which we're not getting).- Potentially via export to Excel and from there charting/etc in another tool.- With export to Just The Facts- Via plugin (PPMO currently utilizing this)No Can see estimated vs actual time spent, but no report/export that I could find for burndown chart view.- Unsure- With paid external plugin.No
License Information
License TypeX number of users, unlimited projects# Projects, unlimited users. 40, 75, 150, unlimited projects.x Number of users, unlimited usage, private projects, company-wide dashboards.Free, can pay for some additional features that aren't critical.# Users, 30, 60. Unlimited projects.X number of Projects, unlimited users.# Projects, unlimited users. 10, 40, 100, UnlimitedX number of users, $14 or $24 per employee based on features needed.
CostFor 25 users, $2,500 annual, with $500 initial setup consultation with Wrike available.$1,089 for 75 projects, $1,639 for 150 projects, $2,739 for unlimited + SAML single-sign-on25 users = $1,500/yearFree$1,000/year$1,080/year$1,200/year for 100 projects and 40GB storage. $1,800/year for unlimited projects and 100GB storage.At least $4,200/year if we setup our own Organization.


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