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Compare vs WebsiteAlive vs SnapEngage vs Butterflive
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DescriptionVC4site provides online customers-service solution, for various realms, enabling businesses of all sizes to give a better service to their clients. Our solution allowing your business to maintain customer support and customer service, all in one centralized place, all through the Internet. Installation is quick and easy and can be done in less than 20 minutes. Live video, audio and textual chat for websites Our software uses high quality video and audioAlive Chat is the easy Live Chat solution for your website. Visitors can immediately chat with someone at your company who can answer all their questions, all in real time.

SnapEngage is a simple and streamlined live chat service. Engage with your visitors and improve your conversion. Live chat with your visitors From your favorite instant messenger or mobile device.

Keep all your conversations in your existing CRM or Help Desk.

Hot prospects detection in real time and live chat solution.

Sort out your audience to detect the most promising prospects on your website and get in contact with them!

It takes 10 minutes to install Butterflive on a website and start working.

Additional features:

  • Offline mode to get visitors' requests directly into your email box.
  • Video chat.
  • Hot prospects detection

Video tour
Trial and PricesFree
  • 10-Day Free Trial
  • 29.95$ /month (Lite : 2 Operators, customization)
  • 69.95$ /month (Pro : 2 Operators, visitor recorder, admin rights, chat collaboration...)
  • 97.95$/month (Pro+ : 2 Operators, live training, reporting suite, VIP support...)
  • Business : 4 agents - $49/month
  • Enterprise : 8 agents - $129/month
  • Premier : 15 agents - $349/month
  • Free plan, 1 operator, no chat limitation, prospect detection, video chat
  • Pro plan, 30 days free trial, $49/operator, mutliple operators, customization
  • Custom plan
Launch date2011-12-252008-10-01
Web-based ApplicationNoNoYes- Account management & statistics.
Desktop ApplicationsYesYesYes Through Google-talk and Skype IM clients on both Mac and WindowsYes Adobe Air Application. Real time notifications, even when off browsers
Native mobile applicationNoYesNo No native app (any Google Talk client or Skype)No
Works for customers on mobile devices?YesYesNo requires flash
Chat statisticsYes Online statistics and monitoring online visitorYesYes Detailed Chat Statistics available in the SnapEngage Dashboard + Google Analytics IntegrationYes Answered Chats, missed Chats, + custom statistics
Multi-siteYes UnlimitedYesYes Unlimited in all plansYes Unlimited with the Pro Version
Multiple operatorsYes 10 operatorsYesYesYes Unlimited with the Pro Version
Conversation transcriptsYesYesYesNo
Offline messagesYesYesYesYes Customizable: web form, web call back, newsletter subscription
CobrowsingNoYesYes Both side cobrowsing, including scrolling and mouse pointer
Visual customizationYesYesYes Have your own Look'n'Feel customized to your website starting with Businesss plan + whitelabel on Enterprise planYes
Visitor detailsYesYesYes User Environment, User IP Address and User Geo Location. Also tracking of visitors navigation across site in real time.Yes Geo Location, ISP, Language, Browser, OS, Time spent on site/page, Search Terms from search engines, Focus ,...
Predefined responsesYesYesYes With shortcutsNo
International supportYesYesYes 26 languagesYes
Clickpath TrackerYesNoYesYes
Transfer to another operatorYesYesYes Transfer easily between agents, tiers and groupsNo
Custom extensionsYesYesYes Many integrations including: SAP Business By Design, SalesForce, Zendesk,, Basecamp, Highrise, BatchBook, JIRA, Facebook, RapLeaf, FullContact, and many more...Yes
Proactive chat triggersYesYesYes Proactive chat implementation engages with the visitor on behalf of an agent currently online.Yes
Visitor MonitoringYesYesNoYes
Video chatYes 2 way video chatNoNoYes
Remote screenshotNoYesYes via co-browsing
Social Networks
Affiliate / Credit ProgramYes 25% in Recurring CommissionsYes 30% of 1st purchase and 10% of monthly subscriptionYes
Javascript API documentation
Live chat widget
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  • Compare vs WebsiteAlive vs SnapEngage vs Butterflive
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