8th month

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2016-06-06 20:41:58
Babies Food Diversification Table
8th month
MilkBreast milk or "milk second age" 500ml/day
BreadYes pain de mie coupé en dés avec margarine, miel, confiture, sirop etc
CerealsYes semolina, rice, tapioca
MeatYes Blended (10g/day)
PotatoesYes smooth mashed
Added fatYes
Yoghurt and cheeseYes yogurt or "fromage blanc" or small nature-Swiss
FruitsYes very ripe or cooked or mixed (homogeneous texture, smooth): Red fruits, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, citrus fruits, grapes and kiwi. Please note, some babies are allergic to strawberries.
EggYes 1/4 hard-boiled egg yolk
BeveragesYes pure water
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