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2012-02-26 20:31:12
Crowdfunding platforms
Launch date2012-01-01
Nb of investors
Average invest8000 EUR
Nb of startups financed
Minimum invest per transaction5000 EUR
Traffic per day
DescriptionAnaxago is bringing together innovative and value added companies looking for funding with investors willing to take an active part in their development. The business angel spirit from 5000€.
Terms5 to 8 years
Type of StartupEarly stage innovative companies.
Registration FeeNo fee
Financing rangingFrom 300K€ to 2,5M€
Fee paid by investor3 % of their investment + management fee after 3 years
Fee paid by Startup5%
  • 2012-02-26 20:31:12
    2012-02-26 20:31:12
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL

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