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SMS gateways
Envaya SMS
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IntroductionEnvayaSMS is a SMS and MMS gateway running entirely as an Android app. It forwards incoming SMS and MMS messages to a web server on the Internet, and sends outgoing messages from the web server to other phones. People with any type of mobile phone can send SMS and MMS to a phone running EnvayaSMS, without needing their own Android phone. It works wherever the phone can receive SMS messages and access the Internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile data connection). Appears to be capable of sending up to 1000 messages per hour, depending on the length of the message, the handset used and the network limitations. It offers a REST API and is available under an MIT license. No longer under development. Now switched to offering hosted version called http://telerivet.com/page/pricing
Set-up cost
Cost per SMS
Auto-responder messages
Open source
Local numberYes just use a local SIM card
Short code
Hardware requirements
Incoming messages
Outgoing messages
Hosted, Network or HandsetHandset
Flag priority messages?Yes
sending sms
sending messages
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