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2017-06-06 17:59:43
Automated Accounts Payable
Ezzy Bills
Rating4.0 1 rating
Include in Final ShortlistYes Looks amazing so far - once I solved the issue with Zero rated Hong Kong Tax.
Official Websitehttps://www.ezzybills.com/
ESNo Cannot handle well
Shortlist ComparisonHandles inventory, quantity, description, price per item and even seems to reverse calculate price per item and quantity in order to make the line total correct. However it does not seem to offer a friendly, easy to use way to train the invoices or correct them before they get exported to Xero. So all the correction has to be done in Xero rather than prior to export. In the end though this system seems to offer the cheapest, quickest and simplest way to get pretty accurate detailed-multi-line documents uploaded into Xero. Can even post excel files, although the recognition is not always as good as a pdf. Although it is a fairly clever system, with the option of handling inventory, which few other affordable systems do, I actually found myself having to spend quite a bit of time tidying the invoices in Xero - there does not seem to be the means to tidy them before you export them to Xero. So although this system certainly caught my eye as possibly one one best and cheapest systems for processing standard invoices, when it came to more complex issues it was not so simple. One major disadvantage is that the system only supports certain countries and most of Europe is not supported.
Multi-user LoginYes
Accurate document recognitionYes
Can it handle line items?Yes
Can it process inventory items?Yes
Is the document flow process automatedYes semi-automated
Does it store the document against the transaction in the accounting system?Yes
Offers supplier portalYes
Does it interface with Sage 50?No
Quickbooks onlineYes
Quickbooks DesktopNo
Sage OneNo
MS DynamicsNo
Is document recognition user-controllable?- To a slight degree through advanced options
Can it interpret Excel documents?Yes Seems to handle well, as long as correctly formatted
Does it offer accounting system dropdown prompts for things such as supplier code, nominal code, product code, etc?Yes
Can it convert a 6 digit decimal point price per item to a 4 digit decimal point price per thousand?
Does it include a document workflow system with stages such as invoice approval?Yes
Can it automatically validate the invoice against a Purchase Order?No But it can capture the PO Number
Does it have an API?Yes You can use this API to integrate EzzyBills into your own custom workflows. For example if you want the invoice data extracted from the invoice and uploaded to your own ERP system then you can use the API.
Does it check for duplicate invoice numbers?Yes
Can it post an invoice as approved?
Does it have any kind of dashboard to show status of document flow?Yes Sort of
Can it process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices?Yes
Does it have mobile app?Yes Scan Cam
Can it support large document import?Yes
Is it Cloud-based or Client/ServerCloud-based
Trial Version availableYes
No User Training RequiredYes
Installation and setupVery easy
General commentsLimited to certain countries which does not include Hong Kong / China and does not seem at all easy to use despite its name. Seems to reject invoices due to non-compatible tax code but no apparent way to fix that. Otherwise it looks like it could perhaps have potential. As it turns out, if you use the Singapore settings it works fine ! And very very well.
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    2017-06-06 17:59:43
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  • rated this Item: Rating 4
    downgraded from 5 starts due to a few issues I encounteed
    Posted 2017-05-17 19:02:52 by Richard

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