Option 1

2012-09-12 13:40:48
Option 1
TitleEmergent Cities Format
Format1. Who else has bought into this project?

2. Why are you doing this project? How does it connect to your personal story?

3. Who are you?

4. What have you achieved yet?

5. What's the key obstacle right now - what do you need?

6. How are you working? (Open/closed, hierarchical/flat, etc.)

7. What are some projects similar to this one?

Suggestions to improveSuresh Fernando: ‎what about questions etc that relate to the actual substance of the project?... what it tries to accomplish and why
Creator's commentsSeb Paquet (@sebpaquet) Those interest me less. The 'why' (Q.2) is actually enough for me. And in a chaotic environment, the 'what' is usually subject to multiple pivots anyhow.
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