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2011-10-22 20:29:29
Coway Sally
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Model No.CHP-06ER
Model TypeFloor Standing
Recommended UsageHome/Office
Recommended Persons< 15 persons
Tank Capacity (litre)
Room Temperature6.0 L
Cold [4.5°C]3.0 L
Hot [94.0°C]2.0 L
Total Capacity11.0 L
Filteration Capacity11.8 L per hour
Booster Pump (required if water pressure falls below 15 psi)Included
Method6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
RO MembraneYes
Post CarbonYes
Fine DustYes
Width260 mm
Depth448 mm
Height1150 mm
Weight29 kg
Outright Price/ Belian Tunai
Normal PriceRM4,000
Promo Oct 2011 - RM500 discountedYes
Promo Oct 2011 - RM200 Giant voucherYes
Discounted PriceRM3,500
36-month 0% Interest Credit Card InstallmentRM97 monthly
Rental/ Sewa-Beli
Monthly RentalRM130 monthly
Promo Oct 2011 - Rental Registration Fee Waived (worth RM200)Yes
Rating5.0 1 rating
Last update2011-10-22 20:29:29
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    2011-10-22 20:29:29
  • High-Tech
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL

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