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2016-03-07 03:52:06
Python units/quantities packages
Last update2016-03-07 03:52:06
PyPI DLs/month167385
Last Update2015-10-24
Built-in unitsYes 50
Built-in constantsYes 400 in CODATA
Arbitrary prefixesNo
np scalar array- no unit objects
np object array- no unit objects
Decimal- no unit objects
Fraction- no unit objects
Uncertainties- no unit objects
string- no unit objects
absolute °CNo
Syntaxconstants.c == 299792458.0
CommentsJust tables of numerical constants; unit-aware calculations not supported. scipy.constants.physical_constants specifies units as strings and uncertainties. Could be used to supply other packages with coefficients.
  • 2016-03-06 20:53:21
    2016-03-07 03:52:06
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