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2017-06-28 18:22:58
Compare Datamolino vs Paperless vs Invu vs EntryRocket vs Receipt Bank vs SmartSoft
Ezzy BillsAuto EntrySmartSoftBusiness ImporterLyantheDatamolinoHubDocReceipt BankInvuPaperlessEntrylessEntryRocketBaswareEzeScanBookkeeping AutomationClickToScanNexusTipaltiMineralTreeScan2InvoiceDocParserParserrParseurChimpkeyAdestBeanworksKefronUiPathCoupaOnBaseConcurXtractaGetMyInvoice
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Include in Final ShortlistOui Looks amazing so far - once I solved the issue with Zero rated Hong Kong Tax.OuiOuiOuiOui-- Because it can't handle line items or Sage. But otherwise excellentNonNon Would be on Sage shortlist if only it could handle line itemsNonNon-NonNonNonNonNonNonNonNonNon
Official Website
ESNon Cannot handle well
Shortlist ComparisonHandles inventory, quantity, description, price per item and even seems to reverse calculate price per item and quantity in order to make the line total correct. However it does not seem to offer a friendly, easy to use way to train the invoices or correct them before they get exported to Xero. So all the correction has to be done in Xero rather than prior to export. In the end though this system seems to offer the cheapest, quickest and simplest way to get pretty accurate detailed-multi-line documents uploaded into Xero. Can even post excel files, although the recognition is not always as good as a pdf. Although it is a fairly clever system, with the option of handling inventory, which few other affordable systems do, I actually found myself having to spend quite a bit of time tidying the invoices in Xero - there does not seem to be the means to tidy them before you export them to Xero. So although this system certainly caught my eye as possibly one one best and cheapest systems for processing standard invoices, when it came to more complex issues it was not so simple. One major disadvantage is that the system only supports certain countries and most of Europe is not supported.Quite a nice system to use once you've waited a few hours for the processing, although that is quicker and more accurate than Datamolino. Not the most intuitive of systems and there does not seem to be much you can do in terms of settings and nor does it seem to get the settings from Xero, so you need to watch out for things like the category and currency of the invoice. However overall it seems to work better than most, as long as you're using Xero. It seems to rely on its own lists rather than those in Xero - which seems to be duplication of effort and risk of error. It looks as if it can handle bank statements too, which could potentially be handy. Plus the pricing is fair, with a 3 month rolling average and you can even exceed your monthly allowance. It also seems to allow upload of excel and csv files, which is handy in China and Hong Kong.Smartsoft never fails to amaze me in its capabilities for accurate data recognition and ease of manipulation. It is only let down by its lack of integration with accounting systems and document management. If you could integrate those different apps together to make one, it would probably be the best solution. This is pretty much what C2S (ClickToScan) have done but then they pretty much slammed the door in my face when it came to trying to evaluate more complex documents.This is simply a very cheap way of taking an excel or csv file and converting it to easily upload into systems like Xero and Quickbooks. The reason why I included it here is that it probably makes a convenient fit with Smartsoft.Works with ExactHas quite a nice, clean user interface and seems quite intuitive to use. Probably the biggest drawback is the lack of ability to train the system yourself. Although it provides line items, those lines do not include fields such as quantity, description and price per item. Nor does it seem able to handle invoice like those from Sky.Although a great system for the processing of summary invoices, in the end it started to fall short of other systems and is probably better suited to users with less complex requirementsFar too expensive if you want it to provide the sophistication it purports to offer.Lovely interface but useless without currencies and does not offer automated line items
Multi-companyOuiOuiOui GroupsOuiOuiOui
Login multi-utilisateursOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Accurate document recognitionOuiOui Fairly accurate but sometimes have to wait a long timeOuiOuiOuiOuiOui Probably not as sophisticated as SmartSoft recognitionOui
Can it handle line items?OuiOuiOuiOuiNonOuiNon Only by manual entryNon Only manually
Can it process inventory items?OuiNonOui Providing the information is on the invoiceNonNonOui Providing the information is on the invoice
Is the document flow process automatedOui semi-automatedOui Can beNonOuiOuiOuiOui
Does it store the document against the transaction in the accounting system?OuiOui- Can potentially interface via DLLOuiOuiOuiOui
Offers supplier portalOui
Does it interface with Sage 50?NonOui- Via csv exportOui- Can produce a multi-line csv filefor import to SageNonOuiOuiNonNon
XeroOuiOui- Possibly via csv exportOuiOuiOuiNonNonOui
Quickbooks onlineOuiOui- via csvOuiOuiNon- Desktop ?
Quickbooks DesktopNonOuiOuiOui
Sage OneNonOui- via csvOuiOuiNon
MS DynamicsNonOuiOuiNon
Is document recognition user-controllable?- To a slight degree through advanced optionsNonOui- N/ANonNonOuiOuiNon
Can it interpret Excel documents?Oui Seems to handle well, as long as correctly formattedOui Not as fast or accurate as PDFNonOuiNonNonNonNon
Does it offer accounting system dropdown prompts for things such as supplier code, nominal code, product code, etc?OuiOuiOui via Lists, SQL or APINonOuiOui
Can it convert a 6 digit decimal point price per item to a 4 digit decimal point price per thousand?Oui via form templateNon Only by exporting to a file and then editing the file
Does it include a document workflow system with stages such as invoice approval?OuiOui- Can be interfaced with a Document management SystemOuiOuiOui
Can it automatically validate the invoice against a Purchase Order?Non But it can capture the PO NumberNonNon I assume not but maybe it canNonOui Possibly only if the PO Number forms part of the header recordOui
Does it have an API?Oui You can use this API to integrate EzzyBills into your own custom workflows. For example if you want the invoice data extracted from the invoice and uploaded to your own ERP system then you can use the API.OuiNonOui
Does it check for duplicate invoice numbers?OuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Can it post an invoice as approved?OuiNonOui
Does it have any kind of dashboard to show status of document flow?Oui Sort ofOuiNonNonOuiOui
Can it process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices?OuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Does it have mobile app?Oui Scan CamOui Very basicNonOuiOuiNonNonNon
Can it support large document import?OuiNonOui Up to 300 pages per sessionOuiOui
Is it Cloud-based or Client/ServerCloud-basedCloud-basedClient/ServerCloud-basedCloud-basedClient/ServerClient/ServerCloud-basedCloud-based
Trial Version availableOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiNonNonNon
No User Training RequiredOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiNonNon
Installation and setupVery easyVery easySeems to be fairly easy as you can download a trial and run it without any helpSeems to be fairly easy as you can download a trial and run it without any helpSeems to be fairly easy as you can download a trial and run it without any help
General commentsLimited to certain countries which does not include Hong Kong / China and does not seem at all easy to use despite its name. Seems to reject invoices due to non-compatible tax code but no apparent way to fix that. Otherwise it looks like it could perhaps have potential. As it turns out, if you use the Singapore settings it works fine ! And very very well.Seems to be a great system but has the apparent limitations of not directly interfacing with the accounting software and not offering order validation or invoice approval processes. Nor does it offer integrated document management, so there is no ability to directly access the original document from the resultant transaction in the accounting system. One big advantage of SmartSoft though is its ability to analyse and extract much more than just invoice data as well as their willingness to work with the client to find the best long-term solution to meet each client's particular needs. A prime example of this might be the desire to electronically analyse an incoming delivery note from a supplier and to use that data to automatically update inventory or later match against a purchase invoice.Great but only for the data import side of things, not for invoice automationGood system and great value but can be frustrating having to rely on them to remotely set up the document recognition, especially as it's only 5 days a week Monday to Friday. I would personally probably write off this system for now due to the lack of user control over the document recognition but if ever they changed that then I think it would be close to an ideal system at an affordable price. Q. I have been evaluating many different systems and I consider Datamolino to be one of the best, at least for my needs. One slight frustration though is in the fact that I have no control over the document recognition process. So if your (manual?) process has not worked correctly I presume I have to report the issue to you and then wait for you to fix. Have you thought about combining your system with a user-manageable document recognition system so that the user would have full control? A. Thank you for your observations. We have received such queries a couple of times before but the fingerprinting process is one of the vital for us and can not be done by the user. What can be done, however, by the user is that the user can tell to the operator what should be fingerprinted and captured instead and the operator is happy to implement it if possible. Here is more on this topic. Maybe in the future we will provide some flexibility to this but I can't promise that. However, once the document is fingerprinted correctly it goes really fast and accurate. Your trial has lapsed and we will help you as much as we can if you decide to go with us. CheersVery easy to setup and use but only suitable for simple invoice and receipt processing.Seemingly very similar to paperless but perhaps a bit more modern, versatile and sophisticated. I think it also handled line items. They seem very adaptable and might even be able to check PO's against Orderwise, yet post the invoice to SageIs limited to Sage but seems to do the job very efficiently. Main hesitancy against signing up is the fact that it does not handle line items and there is no trial system and going with the system involves a minimum 12 month commitment, along with installation and training time and costs, whereas other comparable systems are available on a trial and do not involve such an upfront commitment. One nice thing is that you can have it set up Sage supplier accounts on the fly.Very nice and efficient system but unfortunately does not yet off line items or currency control. No option for quantity, description and unit price, for exampleToo complicated, time-consuming and costly to set up and only really applicable to businesses with a small number of suppliersPossibly one of the best systems overall but lack of flexibility as regards invoice formatsCan only handle USDNon-Intuitive setting of rulesNon-Intuitive setting of rulesGetting started involved too many questionsContacted them but never heard backToo expensive at $2 per invoice
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