iOS 6 vs. Android 4.0 vs Windows Phone 7.5

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2012-06-12 21:03:42
iOS 6 vs Android 4.0 vs Windows Phone 7.5
iOS 6Android 4.0Windows Phone 7.5
Twitter integrationYesYesYes
Facebook integrationYesYesYes
Automotive integrationYesYes (app and not a physical button)No
Text replies for incoming callsYesYesNo
Natively share photo streamsYesGalaxy S3 onlyNo
Turn-by-turn naviationYesYesYes
3D mappingYesNot at the momentNot at the moment
Launch apps with voiceYes (with Siri)Yes (with S Voice)Yes
Video callingFacetime (over cellular network)Third party appsThird party apps
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