Monitoring and evaluation software

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Main focus
Projects using it
Détails techniques
Dernière version
Site web
Autres liens
Approach or methodology
Monitoring approach
Offline in web browser
Offline in mobile app
Android app
iOS app
Blackberry app
Windows phone app
Data collection
Create and edit forms
Form version control
Multi-language forms
Form field types
Date or time
Drop down menu
Text fields
Deep text field
Number field
Radio buttons
GPS coordinates
Check box
Likert scale
Conditional fields
Form field calculations
Calculate value from value entered on another form
Calculate value from sum of another field
Form field validations
Value must be equal to another field
Value must be greater than equal to another field
Value must be less than equal to another field
Value must have a minimum number of characters
Value must have a maximum number of characters
Managing programme participants
Manage a shared master list across multiple sites
Duplicate prevention
Results framework
Create and manage a library of indicators
Manage versions of indicators
Define reporting frequency for indicators
Disaggregate how indicators are measured by one or more criteria
Define if an indicator has a target
Define if an indicator has a baseline
Define if an indicator has a benchmark
Calculate indicator values from other data sources
Create a hierarchical framework of results
Link indicators to results
Define which user must collect data for an indicator
Define which user must approve data for an indicator
Manage multiple results frameworks at the same time
Analysis and reports
Create search queries to extract data
Create reports based on search queries
Define column headings for fields in reports
Charts and dashboards
Data import tool
Data export tool
User management

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