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2011-03-28 21:53:17
Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) are locally initiated, democratically organised, not-for-profit community enterprises that provide a community information service and record transactions of members exchanging goods and services by using the currency of locally created LETS Credits. LETS networks use interest-free local credit so direct swaps do not need to be made. In LETS, unlike other local currencies, no scrip is issued, but rather transactions are recorded in a central location open to all members. As credit is issued by the network members, for the benefit of the members themselves, LETS are considered mutual credit systems.
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Avancement du projetLocal exchange trading systems now exist in many countries.
Topologie Pair à pair (peer-to-peer)Non
Autorité unique centraleOui
Utilise de la cryptographieNon
Date de création1983
FondateursMichael Linton
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  • The "LETS" is a ready made system for recording transactions? Could an "outside" currency based alternative money system use this system for keeping accurate records of the transactions?
    English Posté 2016-07-15 06:56:34 par Dan 1
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    Lets seems promising as a medium of exchange if it is decided that a new currency is too hard to develop.
    English Posté 2016-07-15 06:47:45 par Dan 1
  • a voté pour ce Elément (J'aime)
    The great thing about the LETSystem is that it treats money as a unit of measure or a type of score-keeping system rather than a scarce commodity. As such, LETS credits are not articificially scarce, but always sufficient to the needs of the transacting parties.
    English Posté 2012-09-25 02:52:04 par Jordan Bober

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