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2018-01-18 13:27:06
Resume/CV Parsers
Site webhttp://rchilli.com/
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Prix199 USD for 2000 resumes per month.
SaasOui SaaS enabled platform for b2b customers
ScalabilityOui Quick to scale and you can change your plans anytime.
Input FormatsCan easily convert all popular formats MS word, Docx, PDF, RTF, HTML.
Input methodEmail Inbox, Bulk upload, via API HTTP POST method. In-fact from anywhere where your Cv lies.
Format de sortieIndustry Standards HR-XML compliant, interoperatable with any HRMS or HR suite.
Output MethodOutput in return via HTTP Get POST, Email, FTP is also supported.
Multi Locale SupportOui 10 different languages supported.
Batch UploadOui
ParticularitésCV Automation is the game-changer for Recruitment Software's as with existing set up, we Parse resumes, Source Social Profiles of Applicant, enables Semantic search-match to get you the perfect fit and finally all that in single workflow i.e. One Click.
Source code repository
IntegrationEasy integration with complete documentation. Set up in an hour and start parsing. API call set up. One time work.
Thoughput (Advertised)
Support 24/7Oui Email & online issue submission.
Assistance téléphoniqueOui +1 877 572-7737 Call for any query
Company Info
SociétéFounded in 2010
Siège socialSan Ramon,CA
Intégrés en tant que partenairesRamco, Zoho, Perception Systems
Site webhttp://rchilli.com/
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