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TarifsYearly License! City Exclusivityyearly subscription + usage volume based pricingFree for non-commercial useFree up to 100 monthly playersFor noncommercial hunts with up to 2 players and 10 clues, hunts are freeFree up to 3 teams, unlimited missionsAny hunt you create and share privately will be free for others to play. If you submit a hunt to us you can also choose to make it for limited version (no qr, gps...)They have a few different options so custom quote is best. Will get back to you in a couple hours.No yearly license - Only pay per use3$ for the iPhone app, no android app
Tarifs url
Google Play Store
Apple App Store
suitable number of participants2 - unlimited1 - 4000+anyAny size1 - 4000+
ready made games or build your ownboth - Riddles and routes can be totally customized to specific purposesboth- build your own from the scratch and ready made gamesbuild ownBothBoth - You can create your own game or use pre-made games
Mode déconnectéOuiOuiOuiOui
Real time activity feed?YesyesnoNoYesyes
Ordered missions?Depends on the Adventure - They can be sequenced or Free style!depends on game type. Missions can be revealed during game step by step or as surprisesyesAll missions are visible once the game is startedDepends on the type of game
Virtual Player Inventory and ItemsVirtual agents, goblins, secret AR chests, riddles, hidden hints and moreyesyes
Virtual state of locations and playeryes, both!yes, live location of players for game organizer and optionally live locations of other teams for playersvariables, states, itemsLive location for the organizers
Remove & add tasks depending on previous actions of playeryesyesyes
Questions libraryOuiOuiNon
Tasks Types
Location (GPS)yes!yesprimary to unlock a locationyes
Multiple Choiceyes!yesyesyes
QR Scanyesunlock a locationyes
beacon activationOuiOui
barcode scanningOuiOui
Multiple answersOuiOuiOui
instructed activityOuiOuiOui
Augmented Reality (AR)OuiOuiOui
Upload Imageyes!yesyesyes
Upload VideoIntro & Exit Video customizationyesdiscouraged (causes GB big downloads)yes
Customizable tools
custom mapsyes!upload own maps- orienteering, fantasy, hand-drawn etc. Also any custom google map (custom colors, labels etc.)Yes, you can upload a custom map design
uploading your own map pins/ iconsOui (Set custome location points, yes)OuiOui Yes with custom skins
add your own logoOui White LabelOuiOui yes
language customizationOui English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew, PolishOui Any language + create your own game languages in example pirate languageOui You can create in your language or even create your own idiom