Jhanki Expenses

2021-09-09 11:41:21
Compare Make Up - Sh Vinay
Steel Shifting from SCR to RTS2000 INRFinalSh YSR2021-08-26on first day, paid to Gopal 8207040606
Advance for Purchase30000 INRAdvanceSh YSR2021-09-06Transferred to Mukesh Dak for purchases
Make Up - Sh Vinay2000 INRAdvanceSh MD2021-09-07make up for Sh Sachin Mewara & team
Sun Rope1175 INRFinalSh YSR2021-09-04Jai Shree Shyam Brothers, Ras by Sh RA
Jaali 2.5 x 15750 INRFinalSh YSR2021-09-04Sankhla Hardware, Ras
6 mm and 10 mm rope570 INRFinalSh YSR2021-09-03Mahadev Electricals, Ras
Trailor Charges2500 INRFinalSh YSR2021-08-31Yunus, Plant to RTS colony
Light350 INRFinalOther2021-09-09Amount paid by Sh Deepesh Rajnath
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    2021-09-09 11:41:21
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  • Compare Make Up - Sh Vinay
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