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2021-11-05 07:25:42
Digital transformation is dictating today’s business landscape. Relevance spawns from connectivity and connectivity engenders the competitive edge. This is where the magnificence of Managed IT services shows its grit. Businesses are looking to integrate devices while downsizing departments. Hence, outsourcing IT services is synonymous to enhancing IT services. But what is the status of the market and where is it headed?
According to Markets and Markets, the global Managed Services market was at a valuation of $242.9 Billion in 2021.
The market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 7.9% from 2021 to 2026. By 2026, the value will reach $354.8 Billion.
The ever growing and constantly unmet demand for a secure yet scalable digital infrastructure is driving the market forward. Managed IT Services can address this through continuous monitoring, access management, and identity management.
Another factor that can be acknowledged as a driver to this growth is the mammoth shift of global businesses into the cloud infrastructure. Over 70% of all businesses worldwide currently operate in multi-cloud environments. Before we dive into the benefits of such services, let us look at the different kinds of services that fall under this umbrella.


Onsite setup for hardware and software at company headquarters.
Mobile networking solutions for seamless connectivity.
Cloud infrastructure for enhanced collaboration.
Anti-malware undertakings for holistic network security.
Patching services and maintenance to keep the currency of software updates intact.
Compatibility management to ensure seamless interconnectivity between various devices.
Data, voice, and video integrated communication services.
Provision of integrated and avant-garde solutions in the sphere of Software-as-a-Service. It simplifies system updates as well as software installations at an in-house level.
Networking tech is becoming increasingly complex. And with mammoth amounts of data pouring in from various touchpoints, analyzing and acting upon them becomes crucial. For businesses not directly involved in the IT sector, this task could take up a lot of resources and cause unwanted stress on the teams. Opting for and MSP is the best way forward.
Now that we have laid out the expectations that one can have from MSPs, it is now time to take out the big guns. We will now explore how Managed IT outsourcing is affecting the business landscape. And as usual, we will be traversing a numerically rich path.
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