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2021-10-29 07:20:11
With rapidly growing interconnectivity solutions both in top and emerging economies incepted the e-learning trend. This was accompanied by the growth of digitization. And it contributed immensely to the expansion of this sector. As the cherry on top, cloud infrastructure, P2P solutions, and open content development came along. In 2021, this is one of the fastest growing and dynamically evolving market. It is necessary to stay way ahead of the curve if you are operating in this paradigm and that is precisely what we are discussing here today. Let us understand some numbers.
And that is just the market. The above numbers simply portray the trajectory of the raw market growth. The trends and the accompanied expansion of target markets are yet to be addressed. This blog covers the various features of such software that represents the sine-qua-non of integrations. We will also touch upon the emerging trends that can give a competitive edge for the businesses adopting them. First, let us look at the 3 major trends.



Microlearning refers to presenting snackable modules of content to share information. It is cost efficient, purposeful, comprehensible, and personalized for the learners. The global microlearning market was valued at $1.5 Billion in 2019. And it will reach $2.7 Billion by 2024 after exhibiting a CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is an aspect that transcends offerings and industries. AI based solutions includes virtual teaching assistants, chatbots, NLP, real-time query feedback, and personalized learning experiences. The AI based education market is expected to reach a value of $3.68 Billion by 2023 after experiencing a CAGR of 47% from 2018 to 2023.

Mobile Learning

The mobile-first approach is taking the development landscape by storm. It is all the rage across solutions. And it is no different in this educational paradigm. Mobile learning lubricates learning activities through formal training, instant educational aids, informal training, collaborative and social learning as well as self-teaching. The market also shows great promise. In 2019, this particular market was valued at $27.32 Billion. After exhibiting a CAGR of 36.45% from 2020 to 2027, the market will reach the $280.08 Billion mark by 2027.
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