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    $69 Million. This was the price of the most expensive non-fungible token ever sold.
    Understanding the challenges and targeting a niche segment of audience is crucial for any business launch. These factors become even more important if you are planning to launch an NFT marketplace. In this discussion, we will familiarize ourselves with the factors to consider and the features to craft while delving into the non-fungible token business. But first, let us see if the market looks promising and if the future looks bright for NFT development.


    Vertical Market

    The target audience and prospects considered must be niche. Experts often recommend having a vertical market of hyper targeted individuals and segments rather than a horizontal market with multiple demographics.

    Determine Project and Design

    Project documentation incepts platform creation. The key features, success criteria, structure, and the crucial deliverables need to be fleshed out. The communication must happen across teams. One or more designs may be documented for the desired KPIs.

    Now Create

    Now we move over to the creation stage. Once the design note is ready and the entire team has been brought to speed, it is time to implement it. A professional NFT development partner like Orion eSolutions can be of professional assistance in the most meaningful manner for this.

    Backend Quirks

    The backends for token development looks significantly different from the rest of the modules in the software development landscape. We have to apply smart contract token generators in this case. The data and information are confirmed on a blockchain. If a decentralized app is your preference, make sure to pass all the internal logic to the decentralized aspect.

    Evaluate and Execute

    This stage constitutes analysis, testing, and deployment. Furthermore, post-launch assistance or support is also necessary. This stage must be carried out in a comprehensive manner to ensure user delight, credibility, efficiency, and flawless functionality.
    If you have diligently considered all these stages, chances are you will have a nice and functional marketplace up and running. The next step is to consider what features to add. This step involves understanding the consumer demand and the potential of the current technology. We marry these two insights to carve out some uniquely exquisite features that simply delights the users. Let us understand this a bit deeper.
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