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2021-06-28 07:08:26
Java boasts a 19.03% market share. Java is platform independent. It lets you create modular programs and reusable codes. Java is an object oriented language. According to Datanyze,
2357 websites have been added to the Java success list this year. This brings the total number of websites running on Java to 180,235. Retail, consumer services, hospitality, education, and business services industries use Java the most. There are 26,827 unique domains associated with Java. Many industry leaders like Uber, AirBnB, Netflix, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and Spotify employ Java to meet their online business requirements.
These are reasons enough to know that Java can efficiently handle your business needs. According to CodeGym, there are over 7 million Java developers worldwide. In order to choose wisely from this pool, you need to understand what the trending skills are in 2021. Here we list 5 added values a seasoned Java developer can bring to your business.


DevOps There is a lot more traction in the DevOps field in 2021. The market is rising at a CAGR of 22.9% from 2020 to 2027 and will reach a value of $23,362.8 Million by 2027. The importance of DevOps within the coding community lies in proper resource allotment and time management. Java programmers can better manage the environment, automation, and the overall structure by adhering to the DevOps culture.

Spring Framework 5

Spring 5 has a reactive programming model. It has adopted the latest Java features and has enhanced unit testing. It also exhibits baseline support, API enfacements, Web MVC enhancements, functional programming with Kotlin and the WebFlux integration. According to Snyk, Spring dominates the Java ecosystem with a 60% share. A Java developer with Spring knowledge can support enterprise applications through POJOs and easily integrate it into other frameworks by exploiting the modularity.

REST Services

Writing a REST API and implementing secure RESTful Web Service in Java using Spring and making it scalable must be a basic skill of any Java developer. Seasoned developers are proficient in the uniform interface, client server separation, statelessness, cacheable resources, and the layered system that adds to the attractiveness of knowing both Java and REST.

Spark and Kafka

Another territory to venture in 2021 is the Big Data space. Knowing Apache Spark and Apache Kafka will give a much needed competitive edge to the Java developer. Apache Spark has a 6.82% market share and Kafka enjoys 15.16%.


Want to separate average developers from the good ones? Ask them about concurrency. Any Java developer worth their salt will have a high understanding of concepts like Thread, Runnable, Object Locking, and Synchronization. Concurrency and design patterns must be an area of expertise for Java developers. Additionally, they will be abreast of concepts such as deadlock, livelock, race conditions, and advanced Java features like synchronizers along with CyclicBarrier, CountDownLatch, Phaser, and Completeable Features to name a few.
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