Compare Nintendo 2DS vs Wii U vs Nintendo Switch visually

Compare Nintendo 2DS vs Wii U vs Nintendo Switch visually. This tool helps you to compare visually sizes of different objects.

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Advanced mode (images, shapes...)

Put dimensions on each line, prefixed by the name you would like to associate (separate with "|"). See below for the full syntax.

Sizes input box Simple mode
Size references
  • iPhone4|115.5×62.1×9.3mm|||
  • iPad|242.8×189.7×13.4mm|||
  • Battery AAA|44.5×10.5×10.5mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1z
  • Battery AA|50.5×14×14mm|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,30,50:M0,2h10v-2h10v2h10v50h-30z|0,0,120,120:M0,60A60,60,180 1 1 0,60.1z
  • CD|120×120mm×1.2mm|0,0,1200,1200:M0,600a600,600,0 0 1 1200,0h-525a75,75 0 0 0 -150,0a75,75 90 0 0 150,0h525a600,600,0 0 1 -1200,0z
  • SD card|32×24×2.1mm|0,0,118,97:M0,0v38h4v34h-4v88l0,0 1,0h118l0,-0 0,-0v-101l-2,0v-9l2,0v-29l-21,-21h-97l0,0z
  • Banking card|53.98×85.60×0.76mm|
  • A4 sheet|297×210mm
  • Letter sheet|11×8.5in
  • Dime|17.91×17.91×1.35mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0z
  • Quarter|24.26×24.26×1.75mm|0,0,4,4:M0,2a2,2 0 1 1 4,0a2,2 0 1 1 -4,0z


<label> | <dimensions> [[[ | <front view>] | <right view>] | <top view>]
  • <label>: The name you would like to associate to the object
  • <dimensions>: 2 or 3 dimensions separated by "×" ie: "5.5 cm × 5 cm", "5×5×2.2mm", "5×5×2.2inch"
  • <front view> (optional): How the object should be represented on the front view (see below)
  • <right view> (optional): How the object should be represented on the right view (see below)
  • <top view> (optional): How the object should be represented on the top view (see below)

To make your visual comparison more representative; you can specify how you would like to render it using the view parameters. Below is the list of values you can set for these parameters:

  • rectangle: by default the tool draw your objects as colored rectangles you don't need to specify anything for this
  • image url: you can specify the url to the image which match your object. Make sure there is no white spaces around the object otherwise the dimension will not be correctly rendered.
  • svg url: you can specify an SVG image but some browsers will not render it and will fallback to rectangles.
  • svg viewbox and path data: you can specify the path data to create an SVG image with different colors. Prefix the path data by the "viewBox" value and ":". SVG path specifications
    ie. a triangle: 0,0,90,90:M0,0V90H90z

Compare sizes is integrated into comparison tables

Comparison tables which contains at least height, width, will display in the top left corner of the table the following icon:
Click it to directly access the visual comparison of the dimensions contained in the table.

Featured tables

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