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Product details
Height32 cm350 mm405 mm
Width49 cm260 mm405 mm
Depth38 cm245 mm410 mm
Weight11.5 kg11 lb18 kg
Number of extruder11221
Release date2012-09-15
Supported materials
Printing precision
Layer Resolution100 µm (100 µm, 270 µm, 340 µm)100 µm (100 µm - 500 µm)100 µm (100 µm - 300 µm)
Positioning Precision11 µm (XY) 2.5 µm (Z)11 µm (XY) 2.5 µm (Z)11 µm (XY) 2.5 µm (Z)
Nozzle diameter0.4 mm0.4 mm0.4 mm
Build volume
Build volume height15.3 cm5 in150 mm200 mm260 mm
Build volume width28.5 cm5 in225 mm200 mm230 mm
Build volume depth15.5 cm5 in145 mm200 mm200 mm
Price2479.49 USD1599 USD1198 USD1299 USD1599 USD3299 USD
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