Version nameKey user features addedKey developer features addedRelease dateAPI LevelAndroid market shareAdobe Flash support
Android 4.2.2Jelly Bean
  • Allow toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth state in Quick Settings using long-press
  • Shows the percentage and estimated time remaining in the active download notifications
  • Wireless charging and low battery sounds changed
  • Gallery app updated for faster loading with new image transition
  • Performance enhancements and bug fixes (Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming fix...)
  • Secure USB debugging (allow debugging to authenticated computers only)
Feb. 11th 2013 171.5 % (4.2 - 4.2.2)- Unofficial Support: 3rd Party Browser (AOSP Browser, Dolphin Browser, Mozilla Firefox) + Manual Flash Installation:
Android 4.2.1Jelly Bean
  • Fix missing december bug in the People app
  • Add support for Bluetooth gamepads and joysticks HID devices
Nov. 27th 2012 171.5 % (4.2 - 4.2.2)No Adobe no longer support Flash beyond 4.0.x
Android 4.2Jelly Bean
  • Lockscreen widgets
  • 360 degree images with Photo Sphere
  • Gesture Typing, for faster typing
  • Wireless display with Miracast
  • Daydream to display information when idle or docked
  • Multi-user for tablets
  • vsync timing
  • Triple buffering
  • reduced touch latency
  • CPU input boost
  • Native RTL support - mirrors the display from manifest prop
  • External display support - Display Manager
  • Nested fragments
  • Renderscript Compute - run tasks on the GPU (supported devices)
  • Renderscript ScriptGroups, built-in intrinsics like blur,
  • FilterScript is a subset of Renderscript made for high performance image processing
Nov. 13th 2012 171.5 % (4.2 - 4.2.2)Yes 3rd Party Browser (AOSP Browser, Dolphin Browser, Mozilla Firefox) + Manual Flash Installation:
Android 4.1.2Jelly Bean
  • Enable Home screen rotation
  • Fix bugs and enhance performances
Oct. 9th 2012 161.2 % (4.1 - 4.1.2)No
Android 4.1.1Jelly Bean
  • Fix a bug on screen orientation
Jul. 23rd 2012 161.2 % (4.1 - 4.1.2)No
Android 4.1Jelly Bean
  • Google Now ( )
  • Voice Search
  • Speed enhancements
  • Camera app improvements
  • Accessibility: gesture mode, enable braille external keyboards...
  • app stack navigation to define a parent activity in manifest for deep navigation
  • MediaActionSound class to make sounds like when a camera takes a photo
  • NFC supports large payloads over bluetooth
  • WIFI/WIFI-Direct service discovery
  • Large, detailed, multi-action notifications
  • Input manager allows you to query input devices
Jul. 9th 2012 161.2 % (4.1 - 4.1.2)No Adobe no longer support Flash beyond 4.0.x
Android 4.0.4Ice Cream Sandwich
  • stability improvements
  • better camera performance
  • smoother screen rotation
Mar. 28th 2012 150.3 % (4.0.3 - 4.0.4)No ICS does not support flash in browser or chrome. Tested in Galaxy S
Android 4.0.3Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Social stream API in Contacts provider to show updates associated to your contacts
  • Video stabilization and QVGA video resolution API access
  • Accessibility API refinements for screen readers
  • Calendar provider updates
Dec. 16th 2011 150.3 % (4.0.3 - 4.0.4)
Android 4.0.2Ice Cream SandwichMinor fixesNov. 28th 2011 140 %Yes
Android 4.0.1Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Facial recognition (Face Unlock)
  • UI use Hardware acceleration
  • Better voice recognition (dictating/Voice typing)
  • Web browser, allows up to 16 tabs
  • Updated launcher (customizable)
  • Android Beam app to exchange data through NFC
Oct. 19th 2011 140 %Yes gajendra
Android 4.0Ice Cream Sandwich
  • New lock screen actions
  • Improved text input and spell-checking
  • Control over network data
  • Email app supports EAS v14
  • WI-FI direct
  • BlueTooth Health Device Profile
  • ADB Backups
  • Low-level streaming multimedia (Khronos OpenMAX AL
  • Grid Layout
  • Spell checking service
  • Address Space Layout Randomization
  • VPN client API
  • Remote Device camera enable/disable
  • ZSL exposure, continuous focus, and image zoom
  • Flags to help control system ui elements like system bar from apps
Oct. 18th 2011 140 %Yes