CricubleCodacyPhabricatorPullRequestPaladion Code reviewKiln
SaaSNoYes or Self-hostedYes or Self-hostedYes or Self-hostedYes
Open sourceNoNoYesNoNoNo
  • $10 one time payment (up to 5 users)
  • $5500 one time payment (for 100 users)
  • $15 from / user / month (Hosted)
  • Free (Local Install)
  • $20 / user / month (Hosted)
  • $99 from / user / month
RepositoriesSVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS, PerforceGit, Mercurial, SVNGitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket cloud
repository browserYesYesYes
file historyYesYesYes
file annotationYesYesYes
pre-push reviewYesYesNo
post-push reviewYesYesYes
open review from CLIYesYesNo
add multiple changesets to reviewYes- only for pre-pushYes
add non-successive changesetsYesNoYes
side-by-side comparisonYesYesYes
stacked comparisonYesNoYes
see renamed files in reviewNoYesYes
see deleted files in reviewNoYesYes
integrate linterNoYesNo
integrate unit testsNoYesNo
monitor checkins to create reviews- limitedYesNo
approvals needed for code reviewAnyAll
require multiple approvalsNoYes
edit past commentsYesNo
recognize added vs moved codeYesNo