Number of charities10,000 +8,000 +1.8 million8,000 +100,000+
Number of charity members7000 +
Number of charity supporters13 million +12 million +
Last updateJul. 25th 2011 9:00:58 PMJul. 25th 2011 9:25:44 PMJul. 25th 2011 9:00:58 PMJul. 25th 2011 9:25:44 PMJul. 25th 2011 9:25:44 PM
  • No Charges are made by Charity Choice or the Co-operative Bank for any donations made.
  • No credit card transaction fees for the donor.
  • Fundraising pages are free of charge
  • Donations incur a 5% FirstGiving fee for investing into online giving
  • Our credit card merchant fees are 2.5%
  • Access to our powerful nonprofit admin tool is $300/year
  • 3% on each donation
  • A £15 monthly subscription fee (plus VAT)
  • A 5% charge on each donation (plus Gift Aid when applicable) made through our site
  • DonateNow Lite : 5% trans. fee; no customization
  • DonateNow : $49.95/month; $199 setup; 3% trans. fee
  • DonateNow Deluxe: $99/month; $199 setup; 3% trans. fee
Make your fundraising pageYesNoYesYes
Charitable WeddingsNoNoYesNoNo
Charity Gift CardNoYesNoYes
"Donate Now" buttonYes Free "Donate Now" buttonNoYes Free "Donate Now" button for your website, emails, blog...NoNo
Immediate tax receipts sent to donorsYesYes
Recurring giving optionNoNoYes
Thank you GiftsNoYes
Charity Badge WidgetNoNoNoNoYes A Charity Badge allows you to raise awareness and money for any cause you care about with a badge on your blog, social networking site or web page
iPhone applicationNoNoNoYesNo