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Imaginality Play
Professionally produced modules247+
- Science: Space Modules15
- Science: Earth Modules04
- Science: Human Body Modules07
- Science: Animals Modules16
- Science: Plants Modules01
- Science: Technology Modules05
- Science: Chemistry Modules01
- Maths Modules011
- Culture Modules06
- Literacy Modules01
Teacher Guides - Detailed18
Teacher Guides - Less Detailed015+
Browse and run all Social ModulesYesYes
Take screen capture images and videosYesYes
One account that is synchronised across all school computersNoYes
Imaginality Create
Over 110 sample 3D models and sound effectsYesYes
Assistance to install SketchUp and access its 200,000+ free 3D modelsYesYes
Preview SketchUp 3D models in ImaginalityYesYes
Export SketchUp 3D models to Imaginality CreateYesYes
Make 3D models interact by choosing from over 30 settings and interactionsYesYes
Place 3D models on all 12 paddles- (up to 2 paddles*)Yes
View and edit the programming code that makes the interactionYesYes
Share your modules online for free as Social ModulesYesYes
Save and load your moduleYesYes
Load modules made by other usersNoYes
Access online Help videos and modules- (up to 2 paddles*)Yes
Access online Example videos and modules- (up to 2 paddles*)Yes
Access to online Activity worksheets- (up to 2 paddles*)Yes
* is restricted to using two paddles in any module
Set of 12 physical paddles and QuickStart guideNo (can print from pdf)Yes
High quality USB webcamNo (can use any cam)Yes
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