React NativeIonic Framework
IntroductionReact native is a free, open-source, and JavaScript programming language mainly used for building native mobile apps. React Native offering large amount of inbuilt components and API’s provides a fast track to app completion.Ionic framework created by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013 is a highly useful programming language.
LanguagesReact Native is based on a javascript frameworkIonic is based on a Angular and uses HTML templates for its use
TestingIt produces native rendering,It can be tested on an Emulator or real devicesIts development testing cycle is very fast and the app can be previewed in browser and app devices
PerformanceIt has good performance level as IT renders similar to a native appTill now Ionic has medium performance level since IT uses web view
ComponentsReact Native has very few pre-developed componentsThe Ionic framework has more of pre-developed & pre-styled components
Code ReusabilityReact Native on the other reuses only Android,Ios,Windows phone appsIonic framework reuses the code to develop Android,Ios,Windows phone web,Desktop and progressive web apps
Easy To DebugCompared to Ionic it is hard to debug the code in React NativeIonic applications are very easy to debug
Community SupportReact Native has very good community supportIt is rather weak in its community support
Application TypeSimilar to the Native app,It allows only a portion of the code to be shared across different platformsIonic is a hybrid development framework
Market PlaceReact Native market place is relatively lessIonic has a very good independent market place with tons of plugins and extended functionally
FlexibilityFor this,once learn the code and write anywhereOnce the code is written it can be used at any platform