WebsiteTypePlatformsiOSAndroidWindows MobileBlackBerryWebPC/Mac/LinuxFeatures3D Object TrackingNaturalFeatureGPSIMU SensorsMarkerVisualSearchFaceTrackingContentAPIFrameworkPlugin CompatibilityUnity (3D)PhoneGapAppceleratorLicenseComments/Links
3DAR + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesPricing:
AndAR SourceYesYes(Available via ARToolkit,
AR23D + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes
ARLab + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesYes QR codeYes Support for thousands of images in pools of 50-60 imagesYesPricing:
ArUco SourceYes
ATOMIC Authoring Tool SourceYesYesThird party SDK: ARToolKit
AwilaFree + Commercial SDK option- Under devYesYesYesYesMulti-format, multi-server location based AR mash-ups + custom API loaders
Beyond Reality Face SDK onlyYes Flash-basedYes
BeyondAR SourceYesYesYesApache v2
Designers ARToolkit (DART)
DroidAR SourceYesYesYesYes
FLARToolkit SourceYesYes
Goblin XNA SourceYesYesThird party SDK: ALVAR
Google Goggles
instantreality + Commercial SDK optionYes
KoozytCommercial SDK onlyYesYesYes
LibreGeoSocial SourceYesYesYes
Luxand FaceSDK SDK onlyYes Facial recognition
Microsoft Read/Write World
Minerva SourceYesYes? unlikely to be its own.
mixare SourceYesYesYes
MXR Toolkit SourcePCYes
NyARToolkit SourceYesPCYesYes
omniar.com SDK onlyYes
OpenSpace3D SourceYes FlashPCYesYesThird party SDK: ALVAR
PanicAR + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes
PointCloud + Commercial SDK optionYes- (Under dev)YesYesYes
SLARToolkit SourceYesYes
String + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes
Studierstube SourceYesYes
UART SourceYesYesYesThird party SDK: ARToolKitPlus, Unity
Viewdle SDK onlyYesYes
xpose visual search SDK onlyYesYesYesYesYesYes via website or APIuse xpose app or create own app
yvision + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesYesYesThird party SDK: SLARToolKit
ALVAR + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes Flash, SilverlightYesYes Tracks multiple markers; 256 possible markers
ARmedia + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesARmedia supports PC/Mac and LinuxYesYesYesYesYesYesDetails:
ARPA + Commercial SDK optionYesYesvia Unity pluginYesYesYes SoonYes
ARToolkit + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesPricing: /licensing/
Aurasmahttp://www.aurasma.comFree + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesPricing: White label Aurasma browser (linked to content channels of your choice), ~$5000/app
BazAR SourceYes
Catchoom + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesPC/Mac/LinuxYesYesYesYesAvailable as SaaS or License
D'Fusion + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes Flash-basedYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
flare* + Commercial SDK optionYesYes
IN2AR + Commercial SDK optionYes via Adobe ANEYes via Adobe ANEYes Z10 via Adobe ANEYes Flash-based, Unity3DPC/Mac via Adobe AIRYesYesPer-project perpetual license:
layar + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
LinceoVR SDK onlyYesYesARToolKit
Metaio SDKhttp://www.metaio.comFree + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesPC/MacYesYesYesYesYes Client-based +100 unique objects, cloud-based continuous visual search engineYesYes OpenGL support, in-house 3-D rendererYes all software is modular; SDK supports custom CMS import; optional CMS system provided by metaio: license available
Obvious Engine SDK onlyYesYesYesYes
osgART SourceYesYesYesThird party SDK: ARToolKit
popcode SDK onlyYesYesYes
Qoncept AR offer custom development services on top of their SDK.
Robocortex + Commercial SDK optionYesYesPC/Mac/LinuxYesYesVery expensive and high end.
SSTT available for free or commercial.
Studierstube Tracker
Vuforia + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesYesYes With Vuforia CloudYes-
Wikitudehttp://www.wikitude.comFree + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYes BlackBerry 10 onlyYesYesYesYesYesYes Wikitude
Win AR + Commercial SDK optionYesYesYesThird party SDK: ARToolKit, BazAR
windage commercial licence available. Only available for research and evaluation.
Xloudiahttp://xloudia.comCommercial SDK onlyYesYesYesPC/Mac/LinUx via Unity3DYesYes OptionnallyYes OptionnallyYesYes OptionYesYesBest fit for millions of image projects. Subscription-base.
Zenitum Feature Tracker SDK onlyYesYesYesYesYesYes