DescriptionAdyoulike enables a new way of making money using Captchas. Their technology allows you to change the traditional Captcha, difficult to read by an advertising Captcha, nice, easy to read and servers provides CAPTCHA images and audio files you can use in html-forms to prevent robots from filling it.reCAPTCHA is a free service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows while preventing automatic form filling by allows you to add a verification image to your web site forms to protect them against spam robots. The service also provides full contact form management.
Distinctive featureThe Captcha is served as an Ad, so you can get money while securing your forms.The service helps to digitize books or audio showsOnline control panel to customize available captcha, or to create full contact forms.
Multi-languageYes English, FrenchYes Audio pronunciation: English, German, Italian, French, DutchYes English, German, French, Dutch... (8 languages + custom)No
Visual customizationYes Size, color custom design for audio or to refresh the captchaYes 4 themes + customYes
Audio captchaNoYesYesYes
Code samplePHP, ASP, Perl, Python, JSP, RubyPHP, ASP, Java/JSP, Perl...PHP, ASP, Perl
Wordpress pluginYesYes
Compatible SSLYesYesYes for premium accounts only
Notable web site using it
Free planYesYesYesYes
Pricing120 euros per year to remove logoPremium accounts enables SSL access, more customization, and full contact forms.
  • 500/month: $2.50/month or $25.00/year
  • 5000/month: $4.50/month or $45.00/year
  • 50000/month: $8.50/month or $85.00/year
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