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Video tour
Content Creation ToolYesYes - reqNoYes Can import PowerPoint preso tooYes
Live Course InstructionYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Timeline markers / Module markersNoYesNoNo- Each course will have different options, as there are 400+ providers represented on the site. You can stop your course and come back to it at any time.No
Video UploadYes - HTML 5HD Video250MB upload limit at basic. HD starts at $29/mo level.Yes. 10MB limit per videoYesYes
SCORM compliantYesYesNo- Can upload SCORM compliant coursesYes Yes- Not sure - it's not obvious
Private selling areaYesYesYes Private LMS - $399/moYes $14 levelYesNoYes
Public sellingYesYesYesYesYesYes Yes, OpenSesame is a marketplace for elearning coursesYes
Can reuse or sell contentNoIt's not clear - no TOS provided.Users can download videos. At $29 level can use stream only option.Use for their internal purposes only.No, but does have an Affiliate programNo.Can use content anyway they wish.
Allows own payment gatewayYes - reqNoNoNoNoNo
Allows SubscriptionsYesNoNoNoNoYes Yes, OpenSesame PlusYes
Setup feeNone$399.00NoneNoNoneNone for classroom - $99 for pay-as-you-go
Monthly fee (lowest)199 USD0 USD0 USD14 USD19.99 USD for one user19.95 USD for Classrooms - $0 for pay-as-you-go59.97 USD79 USD75 USD
Student Limit @ this price500NoneSeems to be unlimited.NoneNone510050
Data storage limit @ this price10GBNoneNoneNoneNone advertised.None advertised.
Per transaction feeno10%$4.95 + 2.9%0.29% + 30%0.10%$7 + 4% for pay as you go. 4% for classrooms. Gateway fee on top of these at 2.9% + $0.300.10%50%
Pmt xfer timelineImmediateTwice monthly after $200 min.Direct deposit.MonthlyImmediate - uses Stripe accountImmediate
Registration Pmt methodsDependent on my gatewayAll major CCs via PayPalAll major CCs.CC via PayPalAll major CC.Visa, Mastercard, and American Express - no PayPal
Support OptionsEmal, PhoneEmail & PhoneemailLive Chat, Phone, Emailemail and phoneEmail & chatOnline form 24/7 support
To teach, you must first apply or enroll for approvalNoNoNoNoYes Yes, free registration processNoYesYes
Live Course CalendarYesNoNoNoNo
Allows Course TracksNoNoYes
QuizzesYesYesYesYes- Many of the courses include assessments. You can filter your search specifically for this feature.Yes
Course ProgressYesNo- can't tellYes For instructor - not clear if the student can see it tooYes YesYes
GamificationYesNoNoNo- Many of the courses include simulations and games. You can filter your search specifically for this feature.No
Digital CertificatesYesNoYesNoYes YesNo
Can set registration deadlinesNoNo- Can set starting date onlyNo
Mailing listsYesNoNoNoNo
Instructor BlogYesNoNoNoYes Yes,
Student profilesYesNo- In the upper pricing tiersNoNoNo
Private mailYesNoNoNoNoNo
Testimonials and RatingsYes BothYes User reviews and comments allowed.NoYes Yes- Instructor can rank answers to interactive discussion questions
Interaction with studentsYes- Can't tellYes Threaded conversations - 1on1Yes In a ClassroomNoYesYes
Community for teachersNoNo- Not specifically - community extends to students and all Odijoo members.NoYes
Includes Affiliate ProgramYes- For the platform but not really for the instructors.NoNoYes YesNo
StatisticsYes- MinimalYesNoNo
Integration into own websiteNoNo- Not at basic levelYes Embeddable players provided.NoYes OpenSesame courses work in any SCORM-compliant Learning Management SystemNoYes
Responsive designYesNo- Main site is.NoYes
Mobile Ready- Videos only - main site doesn't work well on my samsung galaxy IIIYes Alluded to but not clearly stated.NoYes
Design, Themes, CutomizationYesNo4 templates12 templates to choose fromSeems like you can customize as much as you want. Check
CommentsGood for established training programs. Excellent demo video.Seems focused on Corporate training. Private LMS areas have a monthly subscription fee.Not really an LMS. Just a way to sell training videos.Allows for "campuses" - your own branded school. Can syndicate your courses to other sellers.Good solid startup tools.