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Launch date2010-06-01201020092011-02-0120082009-06-152011-04-14
Description40Billion.com is the social funding network for entrepreneurs, where members can leverage their social networks to raise capital for a business, fund a business, or find resources to build a business.c-crowd ist die führende Schweizer Internetplattform auf der Projekte und Kapital zusammengeführt werden. Auf c-crowd.com können: Unternehmen oder Start-up’s Charity Projekte Campus Projekte sich einer breiten Masse (crowd) von möglichen Kapitalgebern vorzustellen, und: Privatpersonen Investoren Stiftungen Business Angels können bereits mit beschränktem Kapitaleinsatz Zugang zu professionell aufbereiteten Projekten erhalten, die bislang nur einem exklusiven Kreis von Personen offen standen.CapAngel helps to raise love money from friends, family, networks...Cofundit leverages the power of the Crowd to provide funding opportunities for innovative and unique ideas for both established Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, as well as Growth companies. Through the combination of its unique internet platform and targeted local events, Cofundit puts Entrepreneurs in touch with Investors. Entrepreneurs with funding requirements, seeking funds to develop their business, have an opportunity to present their project. Investors ready to lend money to Entrepreneurs and looking for high returns, have a place where they can see several investment opportunities at once.Crowdcube gives the UK's best entrepreneurs and business pioneers a newfangled way to raise business finance by tapping into a 'crowd' of like minded trendsetters willing to invest smaller amounts of cash in exchange for rewards and a stake in their business.allows project owners to design rewards of different types, including financial rewardsFinance Utile is a platform to finance startups and small business in Franceinvestiere facilitates direct investments by private investors in non-listed Swiss companies. Verve Capital Partners, a Swiss AG based in Zug, Switzerland was founded in 2007. With the goal to develop and implement innovative financing concepts, in February 2010, the team at Verve Capital Partners launched investiere (www.investiere.ch) and opened a previously insulated and elusive market of innovative Swiss start-ups to the general public via an online platform. In contrast to crowdfunding companies, investiere is a hybrid model that combines the established practices of traditional venture capital with elements of e-finance and social media. All start-ups featured on the site go through a rigorous due diligence process and investors are able to choose the start-up that sparks their unique interest.Bringing small businesses and investors together in an innovative way, MicroVentures Marketplace will review start-ups in a process similar to that of other Venture Capital companies. MicroVenture Marketplace will screen all prospective applications and will select companies that fit a profile which includes an evaluation of suitable risk, likelihood of profitability, and willingness to give up an equity stake.Spanish startup Partizipa.com does p2c (person to company) lending instead of p2p lending. Individual investors can lend money together to fund a company. Currently a solar power plant in Andalucia is listed for funding. The amount to be raised is 285,000 Euro. Minimum individual investment is 5,000 Euro. The project advertises 13.85% ROI.Seedmatch is an online platform that offers crowdfunding for startups. Everybody is invited to invest even small amounts of money and to become one of many “mini business angels” who together help realising the innovative and promising startup projects that are introduced on the platform. Each investor can choose individually which projects he wants to support. Our vision is to make exciting ideas happen and to encourage entrepreneurship.Seedups is a crowdfunding matching engine for seed stage entrepreneurs and tech savvy investors. It’s free to register your business, and simple to complete the profile. Once it’s uploaded, investors can ask questions and evaluate businesses before making investments of up to £10,000 per company. Seedups was formed to help companies get that all important early stage funding. Seedups facilitates tech-savvy High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors linking up with the most innovative start-ups. Using the crowd-funding ethos of companies such as Kickstarter and applying it to equity stakes in companies.VenCorps™ is a community of interested individuals focused on startup success. We peer review startups, help them solve problems, and decide who should get funding in regular challenges.Venture Bonsai enables entrepreneurs to get traction and feedback for their product in the community, build trust with the potential investors as well as attract investors when running an investment round.WiSEED is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to high innovative european startups. Specialized in seed investment. Open for people investors from 100 €.Symbid is the first online investment platform where investors, with €20 a part, directly invest in the shareholder’s equity of a start-up or existing company! This makes investors partial owners of the fully financed (new founded) company. Entrepreneurs use Symbid as a quick, simple and fun new way to obtain start or growth capital via all Symbid users and among their personal network though private invites. Additionally, an entrepreneur has the luxury to interact with his investor community within a closed online collaboration workspace!
  • Gifts &Contributions: It's FREE for a limited time (regularly $49.99) to start a Raise for gifts and donations, and after the first month there is a small extension fee of $9.99 per month if the entrepreneur wishes to extend the Raise for up to six more months.
  • Direct Loans: a setup fee of $29.99 for a limited time (regularly $99.99) to activate a Raise for direct loans, and after the first month there is a small extension fee of $9.99 per month if the entrepreneur wishes to extend the Raise for up to six more months.
  • Commercial Paper: a setup fee of $99.99 - $199.99 for a limited time (regularly $499.99 - $999.99) to activate a Raise for commercial paper, and after the first month there is a small extension fee of $49.99 per month if the entrepreneur wishes to extend the Raise for up to six more months.
10% for company projects, 5% for charity and campus
  • 6% of the offering amount (3% fo investisors and 3% for entrepreneurs) after the fundraising.
  • Experts and Members don't pay anything.
  • Investors pay an annual membership fee of $(USD)100 to access the Cofundit portfolio of investment
  • It is currently free to register as an Entrepreneur and add a Pitch to Crowdcube. For a limited period we are waiving our £250 listing fee.
  • When an Entrepreneur successfully raises their Target amount Crowdcube will deduct a success fee of 5% of the target amount.
  • We also pass on legal fees of £1750 for completion of each company investment. Again, this is only charged if the target amount is raised.
  • 5% HT (6% TTC) is taken from investisors in order to manage the holding during 5 years in average.
  • No management and exit fees during invesment period.
  • No exit fees after 5 years, but 1% of fees in case of individual sale before 5 years
  • 22% of tax deduction (maximum: 40 000 euros for a married couple)
  • 50% of ISF deduction (maximum: 45 000 euros according to 2011 Finance Law)
Fees are charged only to the funded start-ups and have two components ("5% + 5%" formula): Cash: 5% of the total amount raised on our platform Equity: 5% of the raised capital on our platform
  • $100 to complete a preliminary application and submit a business plan
  • + $250 if approved for a second additional screening
  • + 10% of the offering amount
  • Registration and use of the platform are free.
  • When a funding is successful, Seedmatch charges a success fee of 5%-10% of the target amount (depending on the total amount of money raised).
Free to register, with 2% of successful funds raised to be paid by both parties on completion of successful deals.
  • Free for startups and investors.
  • 5% success fee when round is completed
10% of offering amount, after the fundraising for company only.Free for start-ups, existing companies pay an additional fee of 250 Euro For investors: mark-up of 3% (including VAT and transaction costs) on any investment Success-fee if target funding is reached 5%
LanguagesGermanSpanishFrenchEnglishGerman for the momentEnglishEnglishFrench for the momentDutch, English version anticipated 22-06-2011
Country of originSwitzerlandSpainSwitzerlandGermanyFrance
Maximum amount of fundraisingNo, however any member wishing to invest over £5000 must register as either a High Net Worth individual or a Sophisticated Investor100 000 - 500 000 €$/€/£ 250,0001 000 000 €100 000 € to 500 000 €20.000 Euro up to 2.5 million Euro
Fundraising campaign duration30 days4 weeks180 days60 days6 monthsdefined by the startup3 months after campaign launchNo time constrains
Who can raise money?You need an idea for a US-based business, whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid US address.- Enterprises or start-up’s - Charity projects - Campus projectsFor business located in France.
  • innovative businesses based in Germany
  • complementary team
  • market-ready product
  • visionary, scalable, viable and mature business model
  • clear USP
  • a product or service that benefits from support of a crowd
  • focus: b2c, cleantech, social businesses
Innovative start up companies based in the USA, Ireland and the UK at the moment.Companies founded within the EUFor business located in Europe, only for young innovative companiesStart-ups and existing companies
Minimum investment£10800 €250€€250/£250/$2505 000€100€20 Euro
Who can invest ?You must be at least 18 years old with a valid US address.Anyone who is a UK resident and over 18 years old can invest through crowdcube.The only prerequisite to become a member of the community is to have a bank account in Spain under his/her name.anyone (>18 years old)US Accredited Investors UK and Irish high net worth individuals.
  • Residents of the EU
  • U.S. Accredited investors
anyone (>18 years old) in Europe and the rest of the WorldAnyone (>18 years old)
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