VideoSourcesPositioningBookmarkletAuto selectionEditOutputExportCollaborationAnalyticsMobile appSocial networkPricingOriginWebsiteNotesOverall rating
AbracadacraftTwitter, Facebook, Blogs, Liens, Vidéos, RSSPlateforme de curation dans le domaine des loisirs créatifsYesNoYesSite, Facebook, Twitter, RSSYes Widget embarquableNoNoNoYes Facebook, TwitterGratuitFrance no rating
Amplify, email, Google ReaderPlace for conversationsYesNoYesTopic page, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr,, Plurk, FriendFeed, Diigo, Delicious, Clipmarks, bit.lyYes RSSNoYesYes Bookmarklet on iPhone, iPad, AndroidYesFreeUSA no rating
BagTheWebLinks, TwitterPersonal curation plateformYesNoNoWeb page, embedYesYesFreeUSA no rating
BitlrLinks, images, videos, files, RSSMicroblogging networkYesNoYesTopic page, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, DeliciousYesYesFreeSouth Africahttp://www.bitlr.com4.0 1 rating
BlogBridge, OPML AtomOpensource AggregatorYesYesYesRSSYesFreeUSA 1 rating
Bundlr from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter, Slideshare, Scribd Wikipedia; Audioboo, text, images, linksContent curation tool (bundle & share web content, easily)YesNoYes Although you can only edit notesBundle page, email, social networks, embedYes RSSYesYes Page viewsYesFreePortugal and embed update in real-time.5.0 1 rating
ChripstoryTwitterPublish Stories (tweets)YesNoYesTopic page, TwitterYesFreeUSAhttp://chirpstory.com0 no rating
CIThreadRSS, OPML, persistent search, bookmarkletCommunities curation for publishersYesYesYesTopic website, web page, RSS, PHP, APIYesUSA no rating
Clipboard, vidéos, textes,pages webPlateforme de curation personnelleYesNoYesPage publique ou privée, Facebook, Twitter, embedGratuitUSA no rating
Clipix, vidéosPlateforme de curation personnelleYesNoYesPage publique ou privéeYesYes iPhone, AndroidYesGratuitUSAhttp://www.clipix.com0 no rating
ConnectNWebsites, blogsSaaS social content managementYesYesYesNewsletters, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blog, RSSYesYesCanada no rating
Curate.usLinks, quotesEasy and ethical curation toolYesNoYesembed, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Google Buzz, LiveJournal, linksYesFreeUSAhttp://www.curate.us0 no rating
Curated.byTwitterTweets curationYesNoNoPublic page, embedNoUSA no rating
CurationStationRSS / OPML, Twitter, Google Alerts, YouTube, Flickr + content via bookmarkletCuration platform for companies and agenciesYesYesYesembed, RSS, API, PHP, WordPressYes99 $ / monthUSA no rating
Elkoradotous types de liens (articles, blogs, site, youtube...)Curation mutualisée sur le contenu de qualité : liens vers pérenne et de qualité (appelé "pépites")YesYes Ajout de thématiques décrivant le contenu de chaque lienUne page par thématique, une page par utilisateur et la possibilité de combiner les deuxYes Chaque thématique est unique et partagée par tous les utilisateursGratuitFrancehttp://www.elkorado.comElkorado est une site de curation mutualisé. Les utilisateurs ajoutent des liens vers du contenu qu'ils trouvent pertinent sur une ou plusieurs thématiques. Ces liens (appelés pépites) sont publiques et il est possible de suivre des utilisateur ainsi que des thématiques. La qualité et la pérénnité des liens sont de rigueurs.0 no rating
Enjoymytribu boite à idée en ligne pour conserver tout ce qu'on aime sur le webYesYesYes Interviews de personnalités à parti du 5 novembrepage web, facebook, mailYesYesNoNoYesgratuitfrancehttp://enjoymytribu.comLancé le 15 octobre 2012 Déjà 55 000 membres0 no rating
Eqentia, Web, Video, RSS, OPML, HTML, Blogroll, Google Reader SearchCuration platform for vertical websitesYes Manual, automatic or bothYes Advanced filterYes Annotations.Topic website, Web pages, Widget, Embed, RSS, JSON, Twitter, CMS, Wordpress plugin, Custom formatsYes HTML, Blog, Javascript, XML, Email, Twitter, Private or publicYes Traffic stats + .csv$3K+/annualCanada no rating
Factiva, magazines, TV and radio transcripts, photos, newsSet of real-time content integration tools for companies (finance, media, research ...)YesYesYesNewsletter, widget, RSS, XML, APIUSA,500 sources from 200 countries in 25 languages0 no rating
FancyLinks, emailDiscover and share items, stores, brandsYesNoNoTopic pagesNoYesYesFreeUSA no rating
FlocklerText, links, images, videos, embed, Wired, Pictory, InstagramCuration platform for media and publishersYesNoWeb pageYesUSA no rating
HabitStreamAmazon, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, RSSConversations curationYesNoYesMini-site, WidgetsYesUSA no rating
KeepStreamTwitter, Facebook likesFor bloggers, journalists, publishersYesNoYesJavascript embed, public pageNoUSA no rating
Knowledge Plaza, sites, emails, documents, contacts, images, files, videos, eventsKnowledge base and social network for businessYesNoYesMosaic (wikis), search engine, mini-sites, RSSYesYesYesYesYesfrom 35 € / month ; on average 2000 € / monthBelgique 2 ratings
Kurat.comhttp://www.kurat.comNews sites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, linksContent marketingYesYesYes Heading onlyTopic page, Web page, RSS, Twitter, FacebookNoYesNoNoNoFreehttp://www.kurat.com5.0 1 rating
Kweeper, links, images, videos, audio, Twitter, email, referencesSocial-heapcasting (bookmarking, share)YesNoYesPublic page, TwitterYes RSSYesYesYesFreeFrance possible on mobile via email5.0 7 ratings
LikeHackFacebook, Twitter, RSSContent gathering and personalized newsfeedYesYesYesYesNoYesYesFreehttp://likehack.comLikeHack is a personal content curation web app that turns your Facebook and Twitter feed into a clear feed of shared links without #tmi, lolcats and posts about somebody's breakfast. LikeHack also provides two kinds of custom filters to eliminate whole topics by keywords and exclude instagram photos and other media from your feed. Likehack solves problem of too much information and too much time people spend filtering content (about one whole day a week!). It works as a filter that eliminates up to 50% of boring useless posts to get worth reading content feed.5.0 1 rating
LinkedIn Today newsYesYesTopic page, email, iPhone appYes iPhoneYesUSA no rating
LiveBinders, text, images, videos audio, uploaded documentsThe knowledge sharing place, your 3-ring binder for the web. Education, business, funYesYes From GoogleYesPublic page, private page, twitter, facebook, plurkNoYesYesYesFree up to 100MB uploadUSAhttp://www.livebinders.comGreat library of education resources5.0 1 rating
Loud3rText, links, images, videos, RSS, TWYesYesYesTopic website, web page, Apps, Social media profiles, XML, JSONYesUSA no rating
Magnify.netYouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, 5Min, Grab Networks, IVA - Movies and TV, IVA - Music,, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Hulu, ClipSyndicate, Howcast, MTV, Redlasso, eHow, FoxNews, MSNBCCuration tool for real-time videoYesYes Automatic Video Discovery ToolYesTopic page, embed and widget video, Twitter, Wordpress and MoveableType plugin, RSS, APIYes RSS, APIYesYesYesFree, pro and enterprise versionsUSA hosting, ads platform5.0 1 rating
Mass RelevanceTwitterEnterprise social curation for real-time engagementYesNoYesEmbed, Facebook, Twitter, mobile site, mobile apps, social TV, jumbotronYes JSON API, XML API, RSSYesYesUSA no rating
memolane, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Foursquare, Tripit, Vimeo, Youtube,, MySpace, Instagram, RSS, APISharing his life and digital curation of "stories"YesNoYesTopic page, Facebook; TwitterYesYesFreehttp://memolane.com0 no rating
MontageRSS, Twitter, Bing News/Images, YouTubeShare your visual album of the webYesTopic page, Twitter, FacebookYesUSA no rating
MyCurator, OPML, Google Alerts, Twitter search, Google News SearchContent Curation Platform for WordPressYesYes AI based feed reader works in the background, and you can train it to discover new and interesting contentYes Can edit all articles found and create curated posts, with full text and images of the article right inside WordPress editorWordPress blog postsYesYesYesNoNoFree, Pro ($10 month), Business ($20 month)USA no rating
MySyndicaatRSS, OPMLYesYesYesRSS, Javascript, PHP, HTMLNoUSA no rating
Next MagsImages, textesMagazine par curationYesYesPage web, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PinterestYes +1 en gratuit, au-delà en payantYesGratuit + 3 formules payantes (personnel, groupe, business)Italiahttp://www.nextmags.comLancé le 1er août 20120 no rating
OhthatsyouLinks, blogs, videos, Images, Text, WebCollaborative content curation, creation and storytelling platformYesYesYesBlogs, Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, EmbedYesYesYesYesUSAhttp://ohthatsyou.comBeta, By invitation0 no rating
OneSpotRSS, TwitterYesYesYesTopic pageYesUSA no rating
Pearltrees, TwitterCollaborative Web Organization/Social CurationYesNoYesOrganized pages, path, embed, twitter, facebookYes RDFYesYesNo iPad application in developmentYesFreeFrance (and largest) social curation community3.7 3 ratings
Pinterest, vidéosYesNoYesPublic pageNoYesNoYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidYesFreeUSA no rating
Pricemetry marchands (image, prix, devise, nom)Découvertes et partage de produits, listes d'envies, suivi de prix, système d'alertes automatique, comparateur in-page, réseau socialYes bookmarklet (signet dans la barre de favori)Yes bookmarklet (signet dans la barre de favori)Yescollections publiques ou privées, tableau de bord personnelNoYes A destination des marchandsNoYesGratuitFrancehttp://pricemetry.comDes jeux-concours sont régulièrement organisés. Les participants constituent leur propre dotation sous forme de collections de produits du détaillant partenaire.5.0 1 rating
Publish2LinksYesNoYesTopic site, web pageNoUSA no rating
PublishThis, images, videos, TwitterPublishThis helps businesses better engage their customers through content. Brands, Retailers, Media companies, and Trade Associations of all sizes can leverage the PublishThis Content Cloud Platform to discover, curate, and distribute compelling content across any digital channel. Utilizing proprietary semantic search technology, PublishThis enables businesses to engage customers, automate content marketing, improve competitive intelligence, and reduce digital publishing costs.YesYesNoRSS, API, Wordpress, WhiteLabel, & MoreYes-YesYesYesSilver, Gold, Platinum, CustomUSA 1 rating
QraitLinks, oEmbedReal-time Curation platformYesYesTwiiter, Facebook Like, Google Buzz, embedUK no rating
Quora, video, imagesCurated boards on one specific topic and questions/answers platform.Yes manualNoYesTopic pageNoYesNoNoYesFreeUSAhttp://www.quora.com0 no rating
ReduxVideos, links, imagesSocial curated media channelsYesYesTopic Pages (channels)YesYesYesFreeUSA no rating
Scoop.it RSS/Atom (dont import OPML), Twitter (compte, recherche, liste), Page Facebook, requêtes dans SlideShare, YouTube, Digg, Google (Actualités, Blogs, Vidéos)Publication Platform by social curationYesNoYesTopic page, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, widgetNoYes- Not in free, but available in Pro and BusinessYes iOS, AndroidYesTiered: Free. Pro ($12.99US/Month), Business ($79US/Month)France (mais l'équipe a émigré aux États-Unis) no rating
ShortFormVideo, Facebook, YouTube, TwitterVideo CurationYesNoYesTopic page, widgetNoYesYesFreeUSA no rating
Slidestaxxwebsites, links, videos, products, imagesCreate amazing slideshows from web contentYesNoYesSlideshow (embeddable), Twitter, Facebook, WidgetNoNoNoYesFreeGermanyhttp://www.slidestaxx.com0 no rating
Snapshot Social Media Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Websites, Google Reader, Google Alerts, Word documents, BlogsContent Curation + Social Media Management in one easy to use applicationYes Browser ExtensionYes Finds, captures & categorizes contentYesTwitter, Facebook, LinkedInNoYes Team Sharing of contentYes Post & Click Through analytics by channel and by categoryNoYesFree trial; tiered monthly starting at $29.95USAhttp://SnapshotSocialMedia.comFeatures MagicPad(TM), a built-in, virtual tablet for viewing, capturing and repurposing content.0 no rating
Snip.it web, articles, videos, imagesContent rich collections wrapped in your opinionsYesNo Follow your interestsYesTwitter, facebook, google+, redditYes Free statsNo Mobile WebsiteFree!USAhttp://snip.it0 no rating
SpundgeThe web, RSS (imports OPML files and individual feeds), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slideshare, SoundCloud.Spundge makes it easy to discover, curate and create engaging content.YesYes The system uses your keywords and previous selections to offer new items to curate,Yes Can save any items in a Spundge Notebook. The Spundge Story editor enables ability to edit items before publishing.Embed, WordPress, Tumblr, MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook, G+Yes APIYes collaboration on Notebooks and on Stories.Yes Custom analytics for Notebooks, and Google Analytics integration for embeds.No Works natively on all tablets,.YesFree and Pro ($9 per month)Canadahttp://www.spundge.comAnnounced public beta in late Sept. 2012.0 no rating
Storify, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, GG, Google News, GGImg, RSS, linksReal-time Curation tool for journalistsYesNoNoTopic page, embedUSA no rating
Storination, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Images, RSSPlate-forme de curation sociale autour de "Nations", des pages dédiées à un sujet précisYesYesYesGratuitFrance no rating
StoryfulTwitter, videos, images, text, embedYesNoYesPublic page, Topic page, Twitter, FacebookYesYesIrlande no rating
Taptu, Google Reader, Bing RSS search, Taptu's StreamStore, Facebook, TwitterAgrégateur de news socialYesYesYesApp iPhone, AndroidNoYesYes iPhone, AndroidYesFreeUK no rating
The Shared Web, RSS, Facebook, TwitterSocial Curation for everyoneYesYesTopic page, Twitter, FacebookYesFreeUSA in beta private0 no rating
Themeefy.com, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, ThemeefyMagazine par curationYesNoYesPage publique, magazine à télécharger (pdf ou epub), embedYes Email, Facebook, TwitterNoYesGratuitIndiahttp://themeefy.com0 no rating
TrapitLinks, blogs, videos...Virtual personal assistant for the webYes NotationYes algorithmic serendipity (AI)NoCustom page, Twitter, FacebookNoNoNoUSAhttp://trap.itin private beta0 no rating
Trunk.lyRSS, Twitter, Facebook, delicious, PinboardCollection and research of our own shared linksYesYesYesSearch engine, widget, APINoYes iPhoneYesFreeUSA no rating
Tweet LibraryTwitterYesNoNoNoUSA no rating
TweetMag, YouTube, VimeoCurated magazine from your Twitter timelineYes FavoritesYesNoApp iPad, ReadabilityNoNoNoYes iPadNo$2.99 > march 22USA no rating
Vwalls by Users (moderated): video, photos, text posts, audio. Uploaded by You: video, photos, text posts, audio posts, products, call-to-action links. From the Web: youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook, blogsBring it all together! A social publishing platform that puts the power of curation, community and complete brand control in your hands.Yes Can create links that automatically filter a particular wall onload.Yes Complete moderation or live feeds from youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook (or from specific accounts on each)Yes Post details, tags, default social share copy, and customize look & feelSyndicate the entire wall of content; or share the entire wall or individual posts via STF email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the AddThis optionsYes Export individual posts or RSS feed of select tagsNoYes- Full functionality of website embedded walls on mobile devices, but no mobile app versionYes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+Various tiers and premium features. Designed to bring unparalleled power and flexibility to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.USAhttp://www.vwalls.com0 no rating
yourversion, blogs, Twitter, videosDiscover and share linksYesNoYesWeb page, Twitter, Facebook, email, widgetNoYes iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tabletsYesFreeUSA no rating