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DescriptionFeedback Roulette is a free service for anonymous exchange of feedback about websites. You review others' websites and they review yours. Members assign scores to each others' reviews to specify how useful the feedback is. Based on that the reviewer's reputation is calculated. The system then uses the reputation to match reviewers. Feedback Roulette also allows paid expert reviews and other tools for improving websites.A simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers.Get to know your audience by letting them decide which questions, suggestions or ideas interest them most. The voting box at the top of page focuses attention on submissions recently added and on the rise, making it simple and easy to participate.Provides customer & employee feedback, idea, suggestion & bug tracking services, based on open innovation, crowdsourcing & gamification.Collect ideas from your customers, give them a platform to vote, the most important ideas bubble to the top.Place Kampyle feedback forms on your Website and start receiving feedback from your customers immediately in an orderly way.On the front end, it leads to a brief, opt-in comment card that customers can use to share their feedback.UserEcho - new way to listen and engage your customersUseResponse is a fully customizable, open-source, self-hosted customer feedback software and support system that you can place on your server. Platform requirements: PHP/MySQLUseThought provides feedback form and widget together with analytics and it is customizable, cross-browser, localized, SSL secured, easy to integrate and has integration with JIRA issue manager.

Additionally, the form has ability to highlight & annotate some fragment of your webpage and send together with a feedback message, auto-calculated custom JavaScript variables, feedback categories and user rating.
UserVoice provides hosted feedback forums, which allow customers to create, discuss, and vote for ideas.
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Company logoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
CSS customizationYes N/AYesNoYesYesYes Create custom formsYesNoYes Css customization, Layout customizationYesYesYes Full customization
File attachmentsNoNoNo but YouTube videos attachedYesYesNoNoNoYes it's possible to attach imagesYesNoYes
Custom fields into formsNo Development in progressNoNoYesYesNoYes- Since it's open-source, it could be customized to support custom fields.Yes auto filled-in custom fieldsNo not form but community forum
Private communitiesYesYesYes "semi- private": people that have the web linkYesYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYes
Twitter supportYesYesNoNoYesNoNoYes Twitter module for messages feedYesNoNo
Facebook supportNoYesNoYesYesNoNoYes Facebook applicationYesNoYes Facebook page application
Mobile supportYesYes iPhoneNo-Yes Mobile Optimized version available to most platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc)NoYesYes Works on resolutions from 220pxYesYes works on iPhone/iPad/Android/Opera Mini/Opera MobileYes iPhone SDK
Export filesNoYesYes CSV-Yes All your idea and user data can be exported out to a simple Excel spreadsheet.NoNoNoYes Through APIYesYes exports to XML, Excel, PDF, CSV, ODSYes Excel
WidgetsNoYes feedback tab, page, topic list, search, wordpess pluginNoYes Feedback Tab Widget, WordPress PluginYes iPhone, Wordpress, or basic web based widgetNoYesYesYesYesYes customizable widget per each formYes Feedback Tab Widget, WordPress Plugin
Multi-languageNo Translation of the service is plannedNoNo-YesYesYesNoYes Base+ planYesYes English (default), Spanish, German, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and Japanese (日本語). Request more.Yes
Spam filterYesNoNoYesYesNoNoNoYes Base planYes-Yes
Vote fraud detectionYesNoNoYesYesNo no vote since it is form and not forum...NoNoNoYesNoYes
Crowdsourced moderationYesNoNoYesYesNo no need of moderation for forms...NoNoYesYesNo no need of moderation for formsYes
APINoNoNo-YesNoNoNoYesYesYes JavaScript Feedback Form APIYes Public and Commercial API
Restrict accessYesNoNoYesYesNoNoYesYesYesYes Data is securely savedYes by email address, by email domain, by IP
Domain aliasingNo N/AYesNoYesYesNo not necessary since it is form fully integrated to the websiteNo not necessary since it is form fully integrated to the websiteNoYesYes- no need for that as feedback form is already on the same domain as websiteYes
AnalyticsYesYesNoYesYesYes Feedbacks dashboard. Google Analytics, Omniture and Nedstat integrationYes Integration with Omniture, Google Analytics Coremetrics Webtrends, Tealeaf ClickTale Atomic Labs And moreNoYes Visitors and amount of feedback by day for latest 30 daysYesYes On-Demand Feedback AnalyticsYes user, suggestion, email
CRM integrationNoYes SalesforceNo-NoYes SalesforceYes Salesforce.comNoNoNoNoNo
Other integrationNoYes Pivotal Tracker, Parature, Zendesk, GoodData, Google AppsNoNoYes Yammer, Twitter, Apple Push NotificationNoNoNoYes Facebook- Planned Facebook, TwitterYes Atlassian JIRA issue managerNo
Automatic responsesNo N/ANoNoYesNoYesNoYesNoNoYes Visitors get immediate delivery status responceNo
Free versionYes All the service is freeNo 15 days free trialYesYes 1 community, 1 moderator, twitter, unlimited feedbacksYes 1 customized form, 50 feedbacks/monthNoNo 30 day free trialYes 1 forum, 1 moderator, unlimited feedback, modules customization, twitter+facebook modulesYesYes Ultimate FREE plan includes 1 customized feedback form & widget, basic analytics, email notification, feedback inbox & SSL security.Yes 1 forum
Trial and PricesMajor functionality available for free. Some advanced functions require Premium Membership ($9.95 per month, or can be obtained for free by reviewing other's sites)19$/month (start: Moderation capabilities, Embeddable widgets, Customer champions, Google Analytics integration, Stats dashboard)
289$/month (Integrate Plan)
15$/month (basic: mobile, facebook and logo)
99$/month (corporate)
99$/month (Bronze: 3 customized forms, 1 user, 200 feedbacks/month)
249$/month (Silver: 5 customized forms, 5 users, 500 feedbacks/month)
499$/month (Gold: 7 customized forms, 10 users, 1000 feedbacks/month)
49.50$/month (1 user; 9.95$/month per additional users)
15$/month (Base: 2 forums, up to 3 admins)
59$/month (Base+: 10 forums, up to 10 admins)
256$/month (Advanced)
Standard Edition - $249 for lifetime use, Corporate Edition - $499 for lifetime use. Includes 1 year of free software updates, further updates past first year are available with discounted price.19.99$/month Pro plan (advanced analytics, feedback categories, JIRA integration, custom variables, standalone installation, API, two form look'n'feels);

29.99$/month Pro X2 plan - two Pro plans in one account;

Custom - new functionality or integration requested by you.
Free up to $95/agent/month
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